Kansas City’s Not-So-Side Salads

Kansas City chefs toss out the common misconception that salads are purely starters by chopping up fresh offerings featuring unique, palate-pleasing flavors. No matter whether you’re sitting down for brunch, lunch or dinner, these dishes satisfy hunger all while helping diners keep their meals on the lighter side.

Here are some of KC’s most popular salads to make your main course:

Brussels Sprout & Kale at Gram & Dun

Gram & Dun is one of the most prominent dining fixtures at the Country Club Plaza thanks to its creative takes on classic American dishes, including a stellar selection of full-sized salads.

Order the Brussels Sprout & Kale salad for a delicious entrée with cranberries and sunflower seeds, all topped with fresh manchego and lightly coated in tri-colored peppercorn vinaigrette.

Bibb at The Russell

Wood-fired food finds a home at The Russell, a fresh-eating staple found on Main Street in Midtown. You can’t go wrong here—just try and pass up the sweets stashed behind the counter—but the salads combine greenery with fire-roasted flavor.

The Bibb is an easy pick. Crisp, refreshing lettuce is adorned with pancetta, green goddess dressing, red onion, sliced avocado, spiced cashews, asiago cheese and grilled chicken for the perfect guilty pleasure (without any of the guilt).

Grilled Salmon Spinach Salad at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

It wouldn’t be a Kansas City list without barbecue making an appearance. Find Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue locations throughout the metro to treat yourself to smoked meats, savory sides and the Grilled Salmon Spinach Salad.

The chefs toss spinach with juicy strawberries, maple spiced pecans, feta cheese, red onion and bacon to make a garden-fresh dish served with grilled salmon.

Caprese Salad at The Rockhill Grille

Make your way to the bustling Crossroads Arts District for an evening out, starting first at The Rockhill Grille, an impressive, low-lit hangout that makes for ideal date night dining.

If you’re looking for something lighter yet still decadent, try the Caprese Salad, which arrives with fresh hunks of mozzarella, heirloom tomato, avocado, golden beets and topped with pesto and balsamic.

Farmer Salad at Happy Gillis

Columbus Park’s Happy Gillis is a breakfast- and lunch-only hotspot preferred by many for its locally sourced ingredients and homey atmosphere. One thing you can always count on is the Farmer Salad, which features delightful seasonal fixings.

Specials can include anything from colorful spinach and veggie salads to fresh greens mixed with local fruits and light vinaigrette. Either way, you can’t go wrong, as this order never disappoints in size or flavor.

Luminous at Café Gratitude

Sustainable and substantive, Café Gratitude is one of Kansas City’s only entirely organic, 100-percent plant-based restaurants.

For veggie lovers, try out the Luminous, an incredible mix of everything from sweet potatoes and quinoa to hemp seeds and Brazil nut parmesan, all atop a spring mix and arriving with your choice of dressing.

Arugula at The Westside Local

Nestled in the cozy Westside neighborhood, the appropriately named Westside Local dishes out creative, farm-to-table meals for lunch, blunch—the restaurant’s name for brunch—and dinner.

Select the entrée size of the Arugula salad for a sweeter meal featuring granny smith apples, shaved fennel, German pecans, fig-balsamic vinaigrette, cheese and, of course, arugula. If feeling especially hungry, don’t hesitate to add chicken or salmon to boost your protein intake.

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