For far too long, salads have been relegated to the bottom rung of the metaphorical dining ladder, serving as sides to what many saw as much more alluring main fare. However, Kansas City tosses this common misconception thanks to chefs chopping up fresh salads featuring unique, palate-pleasing flavors. Regardless of whether you’re sitting down for lunch or dinner, these dishes satisfy hunger all while helping diners keep their meals on the lighter side.

Here are some of the best salads to make your main course:

Eat (and Enjoy) your Brussels Sprouts

One of the most prominent dining fixtures at the Country Club Plaza is Gram & Dun. Known for its creative takes on classic American food, the restaurant offers a stellar selection of full-sized salads perfect for a midday or evening meal. One of the more popular orders is the Brussels Sprout & Kale salad, a delicious entrée with cranberries and sunflower seeds, all topped with fresh manchego and lightly coated in tricolored peppercorn vinaigrette. 

Classic Meets KC Specialty

Leave it to America’s Favorite City for Barbecue to take a standard dish and infuse signature smoked flavor for a totally different Kansas City-style salad. The Jacobson in the Crossroads Arts District did just that with its BBQ Chop-Chop dish. The meal features a harmonious melody of tastes with romaine lettuce, broccoli leaves, red and savoy cabbage, cilantro and green onion, all finished off with bacon, barbecue sauce, tortilla strips and cilantro dressing. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them, but they’ll thank you nonetheless.

By Land and By Sea

Speaking of Kansas City barbecue, Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue, one of the city’s most popular restaurants, treats diners with both smoked meats and with its Grilled Salmon Spinach Salad. The chefs toss spinach with flavorful strawberries, maple spiced pecans, feta cheese, red onion and bacon to make a garden-fresh dish only improved by including grilled salmon, which, luckily for everyone, is exactly what they do. Plus, with five locations across the metro, you don’t have to go far to find this KC staple.

Local Farm Favorite

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Columbus Park’s Happy Gillis is a breakfast- and lunch-only hotspot preferred by many for its locally-sourced ingredients and ever-changing menu. One thing you can always bank on is the Farmer Salad, which features delightful in-season fixings. Specials can include anything from colorful spinach and veggie salads to fresh greens mixed with local fruits and light vinaigrette. Either way, you can’t go wrong, as this order never disappoints in size or flavor.

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