Jan. 11-20, 2019

Special multi-course menus delight as groups gather together to dine out and do good. Marveling at the options is almost as satisfying as sampling the fare, and with 200 of the hottest and most delicious restaurants in KC, you can have your cake and eat it too (that is, after the entree).

It’s Kansas City Restaurant Week (Jan. 11–20, 2019), 10 days and two weekends of special occasion, charity-driven dining in one of America’s best cities for foodies.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kansas City Restaurant Week:

Affordable, Adventurous Dining

Kansas City Restaurant Week (KCRW) is one of the best times of the year to experience tastes you may not be familiar with or have been dying to try with flavors from innovative, chef-driven cuisine and farm-to-table fare to classics like burnt ends and KC Strips. And with special multi-course lunch and dinner menus ranging between $15 and $33, diners can pick and choose their ideal meal.

This flexible pricing structure also gives people the opportunity to experience some of the best KC chefs have to offer without having to break the bank. Likewise, splurging on appetizers and desserts will no longer be a “what if” but a “yes please.”

See the Restaurants

Two Weekends, 10 Days

As one of the most popular annual events in the city, KCRW attracts thousands of diners to the 200 participating restaurants. However, the longer you wait to make reservations, the more difficult it becomes to get a table, especially on weekends and at buzzier restaurants.

Thankfully, Kansas City Restaurant Week defines “week” a little more loosely, as the event takes place over the course of 10 days and two weekends. Keep these tips in mind when booking reservations:

  • Book as early as possible! 
  • Dine during off-peak hours.
  • Make plans to go out during the second weekend, which tends to see slightly smaller crowds.
  • Try new restaurants and restaurants that you’ve never visited before.

Dine Out, Do Good

KCRW is about more than just incredible meals and incredible value. Restaurants that take part pledge to donate 10 percent of sales from each meal to benefit three local charities. 

This year’s charities include:

  • The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City – Kansas City, Missouri-based organizations that work to promote the development of self-esteem, values and skills for boys and girls, ages 5-18, with special emphasis on youth from disadvantaged circumstances.
  • Plus, our founding beneficiaries, the KC Regional Destination Development Foundation and the Greater KC Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

More info about each of these charities can be found by visiting KCRestaurantWeek.com

Keep Up-to-Date

With so many restaurants to choose from in just 10 days, it can be difficult to prioritize and plan your outings. Thankfully, the new KCRW mobile app has you covered. Available on both Android and Apple devices, the free app puts convenience at your fingertips with a number of tremendous features, including the ability to make reservations (using OpenTable), a wish list function, restaurant map, exclusive photo filters and tons more.

To download the app, visit the following links:

Stay in the Know

Whether it’s sharing photos of your favorite dishes or finding your next great meal, social is a key component to the KCRW experience. Follow all of the official accounts to keep up-to-date with everything #KCRW2019:

What’s New: 2019

With each New Year come hot new restaurants on the scene, ready to show off their culinary prowess to Kansas City Restaurant Week diners. Be on the lookout for some of the most exciting to watch in 2019, including:

All food images by Anna Petrow

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