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When it comes to great food, Kansas City has made its mark. KC barbecue. KC strip. Even the cuisine that doesn’t bear its moniker is known to possess a uniquely KC twist that makes it something special. It’s a scene that embodies the city’s many cultural influences, from indigenous flavor and home-style cooking to fusion foods and beyond. Steak houses, barbecue, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, fine dining, coffee shops—you name it. KC has it. The only question now is, what sounds good to you?

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Each of us has a dish that we gravitate toward to bring us comfort. Often these dishes are tied to childhood memories or people, or maybe all it takes for you is just a decadent splurge of cheese and calories to make what might be wrong in your world, right again. So, the next time you find yourself craving a comforting dish, check out these places doing the best versions of some of our favorite food hugs.

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