Kansas City Film Self-Guided Tour

Union Station Skyline - David Arbogast

Kansas City’s film scene is more than a burgeoning industry attracting more attention by the day—it’s one of the city’s oldest and most culturally significant pastimes.

And now, you can experience that rich history yourself thanks to our self-guided tour. No matter your familiarity with the city, discover KC in an entirely new way—in all its film glory, heyday to resurgence and everything in between. Get started below.


National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial


The National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial—iconic landmarks in Kansas City—have been featured in countless television programs and films.

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Union Station

Union Station is one of Kansas City’s most iconic attractions, but its appeal has always stretched far beyond a tourist destination.

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Crossroads / Film Row


Extra Virgin in the Crossroads Arts District

Looking at it now, you might not believe that this artistic enclave was once one of the biggest Hollywood film distribution centers in the world. Today, we call it the Crossroads Arts District, but for four decades this area was affectionately referred to as “Film Row.”

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The Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland

The Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland was designed to showcase both incredibly popular silent films of the 1920s as well as live stage entertainment. But its early years also marked the revolutionary beginnings of sound cinema.

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18th and Vine

American Jazz Museum Kansas City

In his film Kansas City, Robert Altman sought to capture the feel of KC in its wide open heyday—the 1930’s. A time when jazz filled the air, Prohibition was overlooked, and political bosses ruled the streets. No place during that time period was as vibrant and exciting as 18th and Vine.

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Laugh-O-Gram Studio

Original building of Laugh-O-Gram Studios

It’s hard to believe that nearly a century ago this unassuming two story building housed the offices of the man many call the Father of Animation: Walt Disney.

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