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Queer Eye in KC | Season 4, Episode 8: Farm to Able

The Fab 5 team up with amiable farmer Matt to help him navigate his new world after a recent divorce—and turn his property into a proper moneymaking venture beyond crops and livestock.

Life After Queer Eye

Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

Sometimes it’s easy to become content with who we are and how we present ourselves. Matt Moreland didn’t realize this until the Fab 5 visited.

“I've always been pretty content with where I am and never looked to change anything much about myself,” he says. “Being on the show, I learned that trying new things and opening up to new experiences is not only very rewarding but can also change your life.”

In more ways than one, Moreland’s experience on Queer Eye did just that. Take, for example, his Red Barn Ranch business. While it had hosted parties and events in the past, Bobby revitalized the concept with new décor, updated offerings and more. Family and friends were wowed. But Moreland also learned to love the big city outside which he’d always lived.

“Before filming, I hadn't spent much time in Kansas City, but I'd always heard that there is so much to see and do,” he says. “After seeing it firsthand while doing the show, I was amazed at how much Kansas City really does have to offer, from the Plaza, to Downtown to the West Bottoms and more there is something for everyone.”

It will come as no surprise that a local such as Moreland insists that visitors try barbecue while in town. He names Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue and Gates Bar-B-Q as two favorites, but for finer dining, Moreland prefers something more upscale, like The Capital Grille.

As for the rest, the Season 4 hero learned that all kinds of possibilities are open to those who are willing to change, including experiencing Kansas City.

“KC has all the amenities you would find in a larger city but still has the hometown feel and accessibility.”

Ways to Experience this Episode

Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

  • Red Barn Ranch: Head to Harrisonville, MO, to check out Matt’s farmland business, which received a slick renovation from Bobby and hosts everything from weddings and special events to pumpkin fun in the fall.
  • BLDWN: High-quality denim, trendy casual and workwear and the ubiquitous KC wool cap define BLDWN as one of the city’s quintessential apparel designers.
  • Amigoni Urban Winery: Sample wines of various vintages and styles at this rustic hangout based in the West Bottoms where Karamo and Matt had their heart-to-heart.
  • Williams Sonoma: A well-known name brand that excels in luxury cookware, stylish home goods and other kitchen essentials.

Also Featured in this Episode

Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

  • Cosentino’s Downtown Market: Kansas City’s premier Downtown grocery store and market, featuring fresh produce, excellent wine and spirits and a full food bar.
  • The Urban Lumber Company: Source lumber from Kansas City trees for your own at-home project, such as constructing handmade tables just like Bobby and Matt.