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Queer Eye in KC | Season 4, Episode 4: How Wanda Got Her Groove Back

Wanda’s whole world is drill team. And while she’s changed the lives of countless Kansas City kids, the tough-love instructor never truly made time for herself or her own children—until now, thanks to the Fab 5.

Life After Queer Eye

Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

It’s amazing what heroes learn from their Queer Eye experiences.

Take Wanda Winters, for example. The drill team instructor and mom of two didn’t know what to expect, but soon discovered that she had a penchant for being on-camera.

“I thought I would be nervous, but wasn't,” she says. “I like the cameras! I liked how every day was something different and didn't know what.”

The Fab 5 excels at just this—helping people break out of their ruts, out of their daily routines. They know better than anyone that it’s in the daily grind where we can lose ourselves and forget about what matters most, such as our loved ones. Or, in Winters’ case, it’s when we can forget just how much we matter.

“How worthy and beautiful I am,” Winters says of what she discovered about herself.

Chalk up this success to the work that Karamo, Bobby, Tan, Antoni and JVN do for their heroes. There’s something special here, both in this episode and in the series itself. The Fab 5’s connection to the subjects featured in every season strikes a chord with audiences around the world in ways that other programs don’t.

It’s because Queer Eye isn’t just about helping people dress better or learn how to decorate their homes—it’s about helping everyone understand that their lives do have worth, and that their lives do matter. In world where it’s easy to become completely consumed by your work or your drill team activities or anything else, the Fab 5 remind us that there’s nothing wrong with taking time to love yourself. In fact, it’s essential.

And that’s special.

Ways to Experience this Episode

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

  • Halls Kansas City: Founded by the mind behind Hallmark and located in Crown Center, Halls is a local icon and one of the premier department stores in the region.  
  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Marvel at more than 5,000 years of human art and history in this beloved institution that regularly hosts festivals, exhibitions and other community events.
  • Juke House: Viewers will remember the Juke House as the spot where Wanda meets with her daughters, but its best known in the city as a great hangout in the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District to catch live jazz and blues performances.
  • Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center: A prominent cultural resource providing gallery exhibitions, workshops, film series showings and musical and stage productions.

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Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith