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Queer Eye in KC | Season 4, Episode 3: Stoner Skates By

After a divorce, hero John Stoner reverted to his party animal ways of old.

His beautiful-but-messy home seemed more an undergrad fraternity house than a place to relax and rest, particularly for the hero’s adolescent daughter. Ever the optimist, John’s daughter made the best of her situation by playing the role of the adult in the Stoner household. But that wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

With the help of the Fab 5—and a surprise one-on-one lesson with an Olympic great—the big-time sports fan learns to love his daughter’s ice skating passion and finally become the adult she needs him to be.

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Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

  • Orangetheory: High-intensity exercise brand designed to get your heartrate up and your body moving, making it excellent for sweat sessions and that hurts-so-good feeling after great workouts.