Celebration at the Station

Everything You Need to Know About Memorial Day in Kansas City

Due to recent public health concerns, some area events listed on this page have been canceled or otherwise affected. Please confirm these details directly with event organizers before proceeding with plans. Additional resources related to COVID-19 can be found here.

Crowds pack together for a front-row view of Union Station, one of the most iconic and recognizable structures in the city. Just before dark, the Symphony strikes up in song—strings, horns and more filling the night sky with orchestral harmony—all capped off with a fitting tribute of a fireworks show. It’s Memorial Day Weekend in KC, a time to reflect, celebrate and usher in the summer season.

Here’s everything you need to know about Memorial Day in Kansas City: 

2020 Live Stream Opportunities

National WWI Museum and Memorial | @atasteofkoko

Much of Kansas City's Memorial Day commemorations take place at the National WWI Museum and Memorial, just uphill from where the annual Celebration at the Station event takes place, among other special occasions. 

While social distancing measures still in effect for the 2020 holiday, locals and visitors can still take part in Memorial Day ceremonies thanks to a live stream provided by the museum.

Day-of observances include:

  • Memorial Day Ceremony: 10 a.m.
  • Memorial Day Bell Tolling Ceremony: noon
  • Walk of Honor Dedication Ceremony: 2 p.m.

Mark the Occasion

It’s not often that you can catch a free Kansas City Symphony show, even rarer that it’d be outdoors. But the treasured orchestra pulls out all the stops for Memorial Day Weekend with Bank of America Celebration at the Station, a concert now in its 18th year.


Celebrate the holiday with special guests, additional musical performances and a grand fireworks show that’s sure to wow onlookers of all ages. Be sure to arrive early: the event site opens at 3 p.m. while the concert begins at 8 p.m. Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome.


Up the hill, you’ll find the National WWI Museum and Memorial, the country’s only such institution dedicated to the Great War. Veterans and active-duty members of the military receive free admission—while the public only pays half-price—during Memorial Day Weekend, with special exhibits and displays to commemorate the holiday.

After you’ve toured the inside of the museum—which spans the entirety of the war in a state-of-the-art, multi-sensory experience—travel up the tower for an incredible view of the city. And count on an array of activities fit for all ages as well. 

Live Music Revelry

From small, close-up shows to huge, sold-out concerts, live music is part of Kansas City culture. 


Try Green Lady Lounge for the city's distinct jazz sound or Crossroads KC at Grinders for open-air entertainment—or sing songs for yourself at Hotel Karaoke in the Power & Light District.

Say Hello to Summer

Usher in the sunny season with several Memorial Day Weekend openings and events. Cool off in the summer sun at Worlds of Fun's waterpark, which opens during the long weekend and features wave pools, slides, lazy rivers and more—perfect for full family outings.


Spend a day at The K as the Kansas City Royals hit the ballpark—and stick around after the game on Friday for fireworks, a summer tradition.


Kansas City Zoo

Keep an eye on the Kansas City Zoo as well, as the perennial favorite always has something fun afoot. This year, you can enjoy the Humboldt Penguin March and watch as feathered friends take in the sun and fresh air.

If you’re in search of a different kind of celebration, head to Westport—one of KC’s predominant nightlife destinations—to revel in your extended weekend at the Westport Block Party, fast becoming one of the city’s most revelrous Memorial Day Weekend festivities.

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