Kansas City Zoo's Elephant Exhibit

Visit the Kansas City Zoo’s New and Enhanced Elephant Expedition

A frequent favorite among visitors, the elephants at the Kansas City Zoo recently received a major upgrade to their habitat—and Zoo guests are benefitting from the all-new experience as well. Open now, the renovated Elephant Expedition delivers new views, expanded educational opportunities and a welcoming environment for everyone who visits the Zoo.

Home to six adult females and one adolescent male, the elephants’ new living space is designed to benefit its inhabitants and guests to the Zoo for decades to come. Before making plans to see the upgraded space firsthand, preview a few of the benefits it holds for you and the Zoo’s animals:

Upgraded Guest Experience

Elephants at the Kansas City Zoo

Whether you’re looking for a place to rest during your day or simply enjoying every moment you can viewing the Zoo’s seven elephants, you’ll find new amenities to improve your experience at every turn.

Expect to spend time picking up a few new insights at Elephant Expedition during your next Zoo visit. An enlarged viewing space at the elephant demonstration area features a public address system, enabling greater access to Zookeeper chats and educational programming. Additional improvements to the exhibit’s viewing areas—including the deck at Elephant Overlook—offer new ways to watch the animals and enjoy the exhibit. For younger explorers, there are new spaces to play and capture the perfect photo to remember your day.

Elephant at the Kansas City Zoo

Elephant Expedition’s renovations keep the comfort of every Zoo guest in mind. ADA-compliant walking paths along the entire elephant outdoor habitat provide increased viewing opportunities, while also eliminating pedestrian traffic along the tram road in order to increase guest safety. Plus, an additional tram stop adds convenience and minimizes walking for guests who prefer to do so. Other new features include additional seating and shaded areas so guests can enjoy a break, a flexible event space, ADA-compliant restrooms that include an adult changing table, and a mother’s room designed to offer a relaxing, private space to meet the needs of new moms.

Enhanced Elephant Amenities

Brand new features meet the needs of the exhibit’s majestic current inhabitants and will continue to welcome new arrivals many years into the future.

Elephants at the Kansas City Zoo

A more elephant-friendly pool and waterfall offers plenty of room to cool off and play. A gradual grade into the pool allows for easier elephant access. (A water filtration system also saves about 100,000 gallons of water every few days.)

Additional sand in the elephant habitat increases comfort, new shade structures provide comfort in all kinds of weather and a safe perimeter for elephants of all sizes means that even babies will be able to explore the habitat without concern.