**Updates as of September 13, 2012** Today, Google posted the tentative construction schedule for qualifying fiberhoods in Kansas City, Ks. and Kansas City, Mo. Why Kansas City? In February 2010 Google announced plans to build a high speed fiber network. Instead of simply choosing a test market, Google asked communities from around the country to submit responses to an RFP to help them decide where to build. They received over 1,100 community responses and more than 194,000 responses from individuals. community map In March 2011, Google announced Fiber would be coming to Kansas City, Kansas. Two months later, they announced it was also coming to Kansas City, Missouri.
In selecting a city, our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community and develop relationships with local government and community organizations. - Milo Medin, Vice President, Access Services, Google
This morning amid cheers and applause, a team from Google announced how Kansas Citians can access Google Fiber. The announcement started with an education about what else - the Internet. In order to properly build suspense and frame what they were about to announce, Google had to make sure the crowd and those who were live streaming the event (us included) understood the impact of what they were about to share. You can watch the full presentation below. Where is Google Fiber Being Installed? and How Do You Sign Up for Google Fiber? Google will install based on neighborhood demand in Kansas City, Kansas and central Kansas City, Missouri. You simply need to pre-register HERE (there is a $10 fee) between July 26, 2012 and September 9, 2012. By pre-registering, you are entering your neighborhood in the race. Each neighborhood will be part of a "Fiberhood," or a special geographic area with boundaries outlined by Google. On September 10, Google will announce which Fiberhoods will receive installation. Once chosen, residents will be able to sign up for specific installation times. Map of Kansas City, Kansas Fiberhoods Map of Kansas City, Missouri Fiberhoods Again, to sign up do the following:
  1. Pre-register and rally your neighbors to pre-registe - Enter your address HERE. Google will either let you move on to the next step, or you will receive a message letting you know that your address is not yet in a Fiberhood. (You may also receive a message that Google cannot locate your address. There is a quick online form that you can submit to have Google review the address.) Share the excitement with your friends and neighbors to get them to pre-register as well. Your fiberhood must reach a specific goal set by Google in order to qualify. (You can see how you're doing by checking back on the Fiber website and looking at the map.)
  2. Check the results on September 10 -  How did your neighborhood do? If your fiberhood qualified, you can select your service plan!
  3. Schedule Your Installation - Google will email you when it's your turn to connect to Fiber. You can then schedule your installation appointment with a Google Fiber Team Member.
  4. Start using Fiber!

How Much Does Google Fiber Cost?

Google Fiber is offering 3 residential packages. Google not only announced gigabit internet speeds. No, that would be too simple. They also introduced gigabit television service. (Taxes and fees still apply to all prices.) Gigabit TV + Internet @ $120 per month with $300 construction fee waived with 2 year contractThe station line up is still in the works, but tentative lists are circulating online. There will be additional fees for certain premium channelsAll equipment is included with this package:  Nexus 7 tablet (your remote control), TV Box, Storage Box, Network Box + 1TB (yes, 1 terabyte) of storage on Google Drive  Gigabit TV + InternetGigabit Internet @ $70 per month with $300 construction fee waived with 1 year contract  Gigabit InternetFREE Internet @ $0 per month with a $300 construction fee or$25 per month for 12 months + zero construction feePLEASE NOTE, the free internet service is NOT the 1 gigabit service listed in packages 1 and 2. Speeds will be current industry average with the option to upgrade to Fiber speeds at any time. This term is also limited to 7 years.  Free Internet

What Else Should You Know About Google Fiber in KC?

Google Fiber will also be installed in schools, libraries, emergency facilities, and community centers. To see a list of the organizations who will receive Fiber in your Fiberhood, simply click on a Fiberhood on the KCK or KCMO map. You can experience Google Fiber in person starting July 28th in one of 2 ways:
  1. Make an appointment to go play at the Google Fiber Space
  2. Attend an event at one of the partner businesses
So, Kansas City, what are you waiting for?
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