Where is Kansas City?

US Flight Map

In the center of it all describes so much more than Kansas City’s geography. A convenient location for domestic and international travelers alike, KC’s central setting means it’s not only easily accessible by interstates and highways, it’s also a quick flight from just about anywhere across the United States. With 400 daily flights it is a convenient trip from many of the US's international gateway cities.

This accessibility lends to its undeniable energy, too—whether it’s a national touring act stopping in for a one-off performance, a family reunion looking for the perfect midway meeting point or the meeting planner trying to please everyone.

  • America's most centrally located major metropolitan area

  • Hundreds of daily flights with nonstop service to more than 50 destinations, both domestic and international

Orientation Tip


KC straddles the Missouri-Kansas state line, sometimes causing travelers to wonder which state they are in. You’re not alone! Here are a few tips to help:

  • If you are west of State Line Road, you are in Kansas.
  • If you are east of it, you are in Missouri.
  • Follow the Missouri River to the north, and if you are west of it, you are in Kansas. East of it, you’re in Missouri.