This long and lean corridor, technically under one square mile, packs in more flavor than a neighborhood twice its size. Westside brims with local gems, from local wares to restaurants defining farm-to-table. There’s food and fare so good you’ll want to unfold a chair to guarantee a slice of the action. In fact, many do just that.

Where to Shop

Westside Storey

A metaphor for the Westside neighborhood itself, Westside Storey is a little shop where modern and vintage styles live side-by-side. This eclectic mix of local artists’ wares and antique items is nestled among the community’s popular food spots, so you can browse while waiting for your table, then come back again when sated.

Places to Eat

Westside Local

The Westside shines when it comes to locally-sourced, creative—and delicious—eateries. The cache of food offerings gathered around 17th and Summit, from burgers and cocktails at The Westside Local, to Blue Bird Bistro’s unpretentious but delicate menu, are rounded out by FüD, Novel and Chez Elle Creperie.

Fud by Jason Dailey

Caffeinate at Goat Hill Coffee & Soda, a local purveyor of classic espresso drinks and hand-crafted sodas using Little Freshie flavors, such as blackberry lavender and spicy ginger fizz. 

Souvenir Stop

You won’t be able to pack it, but a fresh loaf from Fervere, 1702 Summit, is the immediately edible souvenir that you’ll want to snag. In the summer months, watch the artisan bakery’s Facebook page for drool-inducing teasers for Cheese Slipper Saturday. This is the evening ritual that gets locals lining up and setting out chairs for a bite. In all the other months the motto is the same… when the bread is gone, it’s gone. Of course, you’ll always have the Instagram brag snapshot to prove you were there.

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