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Queer Eye in KC | Season 4, Episode 6: A Tale of Two Cultures

Deanna finds herself stuck between her Mexican roots and American culture. With the help of the Fab 5, the arts advocate learns how to engage on behalf of her community, in her community.

Life After Queer Eye

Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

Life often imitates art. But as Deanna Munoz found, the Fab 5 are just as authentic in reality as they are on TV.

And that mattered.

The CEO/President of the Latino Arts Foundation found that, while she was proud of her heritage, she had become torn between two worlds: her Mexican roots and American culture. And when strangers come into your life to help you navigate that divide, their advice can fall on deaf ears because they don’t know the struggles that you face.

“I did not expect the outcome, as I was expecting to grow a little and take away so many learnings,” says Munoz. “However, what happened after our week with the Fab 5 was not only monumental but it is forever life changing—for not only myself but my family.”

In the episode, Munoz explains how her lack of fluency in Spanish made her feel less than. But, through their authenticity and empathy, the Fab 5 helped her see the truth.

“I am a strong, Chicana, I can make a difference and I do have a voice,” she says. “I am a CEO, a mom, a wife, a sister, an aunt and it’s ok to be all of these. I do not hinder any of my roles in my life, I can be strong in all and be passionate about all; I am a leader.”

As is seen time and again in Queer Eye episodes, so many heroes get caught up in everyday life that they’re unable to experience their home. For Munoz, the city itself helped her find her voice.

“It was so amazing to see how awesome the city was and is and how we as a community come together,” she says.

Now, she’s confident in her identity and her city. She loves showing off her amazing space at the Latino Arts Foundation, but also promoting all of Kansas City’s fantastic festivals that celebrate its diverse communities.

“We have so many [festivals] that include art, culture, community, and every time I experience one, I am more and more blown away at what the festivals bring the community,” says Munoz.

A fitting feeling for someone who does so much for her city.

Ways to Experience this Episode

Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

  • Latino Arts Foundation: The Fab 5 helped Deanna secure the Downtown office space to house her foundation’s headquarters, where she and her team plan the annual Latino Arts Festival to showcase works from traditionally underserved members of the community.
  • Finefolk: Find this trendy womenswear shop in the heart of the hip Crossroads Arts District to spruce up your wardrobe with modern looks.

Also Featured in this Episode

Hallmark Visitors Center

  • Hallmark: Deanna’s daytime employer and one of the most respected creative companies in the world. Go to the Visitors Center to experience the story of this locally founded international icon.
  • One of a Kind Body Shop: A rad auto shop known for its work on the supercool low-riders showcased throughout the episode.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Kansas City, KS: The site of the 2018 Latino Arts Festival in downtown KCK.
  • ROCA Salon & Spa: Swing by this 39th Street West studio—where JVN helped Deanna tame her hair—to update your style.