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Queer Eye in KC | Season 4, Episode 2: Disabled but Not Really

A tragic injury left bad boy Wesley paralyzed. Years later and with his life turned around, the Fab 5 help the hero finally leave his old image behind and fully embrace his place as a role model in the community.

Life After Queer Eye

Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith

Some Queer Eye episodes just hit viewers differently. The Jones Sisters are a prime example, as the duo struck a chord with countless fans of the show—so much so that their business is now booming, and the sisters have become something of local celebrities. Wesley Hamilton fits this to a T.

The hero’s episode chronicles his turn from bad boy into inspirational figure after a life-changing injury. And while Hamilton appeared to have completely turned things around, he still hadn’t completely escaped his past.

Until the Fab 5, that is.

“The whole experience was exhilarating; seemed like it went very fast,” says Hamilton. “Every day had such an enjoyable and memorable moment that it still warms just thinking about it.”

Us too, Wesley. Us too. With the help of JVN, Hamilton completely shed the persona that he’d quite literally worn even well past his injury. Karamo helped the hero face down his demons—and even reconcile with his attacker—paving the way for the former bad boy to fully embrace his new life.

“I learned that my true strength came when I allowed myself to be the most vulnerable,” says Hamilton.

The Season 4 star also finished production with a greater appreciation for his own community. Hamilton cites the Crossroads Arts District as a great place to shop and get your haircut, but also mentions that visitors need to travel to the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District to really see Kansas City and witness the history detailed in the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Now, with his new look, renovated home and the past finally behind him, Hamilton is ready to feel as much the role model for himself as he has been for so many countless others.

Ways to Experience this Episode

Union Station

  • Union Station: Union Station is one of the icons in Kansas City culture and architecture. Visit for world-renowned traveling exhibitions, family-friendly experiences and other memorable good times.
  • ULAH: A hip retailer that’s also LGBTQ-owned and -operated, menswear just means more at ULAH, making it excellent for finding duds that look as good as the ones Tan picked out for Wesley.
  • Afterword Tavern and Shelves: Shown in the episode where Wesley met and reconciled with the man who shot him, Afterword is a cozy cocktail bar that doubles as a hip bookstore.

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Courtesy of Netflix/Christopher Smith