Queer Eye in KC | Season 3, Episode 1: From Hunter to Huntee


This camo-clad woman needs help finding a look that matches her strong, self-sufficient personality—and one that showcases her natural beauty, inside and out.

Life After Queer Eye


Queer Eye really does work miracles. Just ask Jody Castellucci.

“It was the most amazing experience I've ever had,” she says. “It has been life changing.”

Any viewer will tell you that watching Queer Eye is an emotional experience. It’s hard not to put yourself into the shoes of the heroes at the heart of each episode. Everyone has flaws—some might even match those seen onscreen—the heroes are simply brave enough to have theirs exposed for the entire world to see. They learn from the Fab 5, and Castellucci is no different.

“I had not taken the time I needed to take for myself, that we all need to take,” she says.

A country girl at heart, Castellucci acknowledges that she was never a big fan of cities. That changed, too, after her experience with Queer Eye.

“I loved the culture, and [the] places I went were all so inviting,” she says. “Downtown was amazing and fun, and the music scene is huge in KC.”


Castellucci’s newfound love for Kansas City includes a few food favorites. Unsurprisingly, the episode-featured Novel is a top pick, as well as The Rockhill Grille and Jones Bar-B-Q.

What’s next for Castellucci is yet to be determined, but there’s no doubting the impact that the Fab 5 had on the hero.

Ways to Experience this Episode


  • Country Club Plaza: A dazzling district filled with 15 blocks of Spanish-inspired architecture, incredible dining and some of the best shopping in the Midwest.
  • The Raphael Hotel: One of KC’s most luxurious boutique hotels touts a picture-perfect view of the Country Club Plaza.
  • Messenger Coffee: Fresh, in-house roasted coffee caffeinates while scratch-made breads and pastries always satisfy in this sublime, three-story café.


  • Novel: A date-night favorite thanks to seasonal flavors and inventive offerings in the Crossroads Arts District.
  • Ambiance on the Water: Embark on a gondola ride with a loved one to take in the Plaza’s serene setting.
  • J. Crew: Comfy and casual to dressy and formal, J. Crew’s Plaza shop has everything shoppers need to update their looks.

Also Featured in this Episode

  • Skyline Salon: A hip hairstylist nestled in the heart of the Crossroads.