When you think of Kansas City, great steaks, barbecue, jazz, the area's sports teams, the Plaza and the broad boulevard system come to mind. What tourists may not be aware of is the cultural diversity that resides in this metropolitan area: African, African-American, Asian, Latino, Native American, Slavic, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern. The rich ethnic fabric of our minority communities continues to grow and prosper.

Diverse KC: Printed Edition

The Multicultural Guide is printed every other year. The guide profiles Kansas City's rich history of diversity and lists the many attractions, historic sites, and special events that have ties to Kansas City's ethnic communities.


African-American Community

The African-American community is an important component of Kansas City and its history.

Hispanic/Latino Community

The Kansas City area has long been a home to a vibrant and growing Latino community—from the Santa Fe Trail to sister cities across the globe.


More than 30,000 Asians with ties to China, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos and Japan call Kansas City home.


The Kansas City area has been home for thousands of years to the American Indian community – the region's oldest ethnic population.


The last 25 years have seen an explosion of immigrants from the continent of Africa.

14 African Americans Who Left their Mark on Kansas City

In every aspect of the Kansas City landscape, from education to sports, music, medicine, politics, science, technology and others, African American innovation, leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors have left indelible marks.