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The KC Tap Tour highlights the craftsmanship area brewers put into creating their beers. Countless hours of planning and preparation go into that hoppy, malty beverage you love to drink. But time is limited and breweries vast, so strike while the iron is hot and the beer is cold.

Season 2 concluded on May 31, 2018.

The deadline has passed for guidebooks to be redeemed. Please check back for information on upcoming seasons.


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How It Works

The KC Tap Tour acts as your personal guide to some of the best breweries in town. Touring is simple: Pick up your $7 Guidebook at an official purchase location, check out participating brewers, collect your stamp and enjoy great deals.

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Bunker in Westport Kansas City

Prize Redemption

Redeem your completed Guidebook at Visit KC, Bunker or Normal Human for one-of-a-kind prizes.

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Boulevard Brewing Co. Beer Hall in Kansas City

The Breweries

Known for barbecue, jazz and fountains, Kansas City breweries have made the city one of the most popular and fastest growing craft beer destinations in the country. Get to know each one before visiting.

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Drink beer, earn discounts, collect prizes. Each brewery rewards Tap Tourers with exclusive Guidebook deals.

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