Kansas City’s Unique Shopping Culture

KC takes pride in locally made goods. People wear it on their hats, emblazoned on T-shirts and stitched into high-quality, custom-tailored fabrics they sport from one meeting to the next. But these aren’t exclusive to locals. If you’re in town for an event and in search of a Kansas City memento, look no further than the local retail shops, each a unique treasure trove of exceptional quality and regional flare.

Here are some of the best shopping breakdowns for convention visitors in KC:

Apparel and Everyday Wear

  • Shop Local: The Best in Kansas City Fashion: Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect souvenir or want to instantly update your wardrobe with a one-of-a-kind garment, Kansas City’s selection of locally themed or locally made clothing and accessories is the envy of any closet.
  • KC Menswear: Stylish, Curated and Custom-Made: The emergence of Kansas City as a distinctive cultural destination has ushered in a Midwest menswear renaissance, one where designers and curators with keen eyes have developed modern looks and advanced timeless traditions with fine fabrics and hand-tailored attire for men.

Craft Goods and Local Favorites

  • Artisanal, Craft and More: Local Goods Made in KC: The appeal of small batch goods and locally produced items comes in part from knowing where a product was made and who made it, possibly even buying directly from the person who put their time and effort into creating what you’ll use, wear or apply. While not unique to KC, the maker and doer community is thriving in town thanks to a greater appreciation for quality, handmade items.
  • Vinyl Revival: Long-time listeners and eager newcomers will tell you: Kansas City is in the midst of a vinyl renaissance. The number of KC record stores has steadily increased in the last few years, leading to the establishment of new hubs for live music, local flavors and vintage LPs.
  • Top Wine Shops: KC wine is hard to beat. Not to mention that the city is full of shops large and small with passionate opinions and expert taste, perfect for selecting the right vintage for any occasion.

Uniquely KC

  • Country Club Plaza: Some call it the “Rodeo Drive of the Midwest,” but this Spanish-inspired shopping district, complete with acclaimed local shops and high-end favorites, is dotted with fountains and statues—and touts a flavor truly all its own.
  • West Bottoms: Antiquing is a pastime in this hip, quirky district known for its distinct fusion of KC’s agricultural roots and a fresh, vibrant culture that mindfully pays homage to ages past.

  • Made in Kansas City: Find locally produced goods, apparel and more at this set of boutiques that carefully curates its collection by developing strong relationships with its makers. 
  • KC Q&A with Chase McAnulty of Charlie Hustle: Arguably one of the most popular brands in Kansas City, discover what makes this retro retailer tick—and the origin behind that iconic KC Heart Tee.

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