Kansas City has momentum. From the technology and business community, to the food scene, and of course, the sports franchises, great things are happening everywhere you look. What’s better is people are noticing more than ever before. At the heart of what makes this city great isn’t just what there is to do. It’s deeper than that. It’s how we do things that make Kansas City truly special. We hustle, make things ourselves, recognize and support one another, treat people the right way. We aren’t afraid to be ourselves. We avoid pretentiousness and very much care if visitors feel at home. Of course, we’re also known for being nice and humble, but the time is now to be proud and proactive.

"That's How We Do Kansas City"

Sizzle Reel


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Visit KC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ignite global passion for visiting Kansas City. Through marketing, sales and service of the convention and tourism industries, Visit KC supports a vital and growing component of the local economy—generating more than 46,000 jobs and $5.1 billion in economic impact annually. For more information about Kansas City, go to VisitKC.com.


Radkey is a band which doesn’t like to label their sound, but who others have called punk rock. Brothers Dee, Isaiah and Solomon Radke grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri listening their father’s records. Inspired by musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and the Foo Fighter they decided to start a band with a sound that makes you want to party.

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MMGY Global is a travel and tourism focused marketing and advertising agency based in Kansas City, Missouri. Their mission is to inspire people to go places. Founded in 1981, they have continued to grow not only in expertise and reputation, but with locations in KC, New York, Orlando, Fort Myers, Florida and Spain.

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