Everything You Need to Know About Kansas City

Whether it’s your first time in KC or you’re a seasoned City of Fountains pro, there are a few Kansas City essentials that everyone should know.

The Basics

Everything You Need to Know About Jazz in Kansas City

Since the early 20th century, Kansas City has been synonymous with jazz. Today, those roots still run deep—the genre is as vibrant as ever, fueling more than 40 jazz and fine-dining venues every night of the week.

Everything You Need to Know About Fountains in Kansas City

From grand cascading centerpieces situated prominently along the city’s major thoroughfares to petite spouting statuary in quaint residential neighborhoods, each fountain represents a unique contribution to KC’s timeless reputation as the City of Fountains. 


Everything You Need to Know About Spring in Kansas City

Between a brisk morning hike in the wilderness and an afternoon on the patio with a cold drink in your hands, your days are filled with heading from one adventure to the next, or simply doing nothing at all—and loving every minute of it. It’s springtime in KC.

Everything You Need to Know About Summer in Kansas City

Festivals that celebrate music, culture and community. Treat-yourself sweets, thrilling theme parks and underwater discoveries. It’s these activities that bring the summer to life in Kansas City, when the days are long and the memories made last a lifetime.

Experience KC

Kansas City’s Sports Culture

Diamond, pitch, gridiron or racetrack, Kansas City touts a rich athletic history and an even more passionate fan base, regardless of the time of the year or event taking place.

Iconic KC Meals and Dishes

Kansas City has a number of treasured menu items that are as unforgettable as the Western Auto sign or a late-night session at the Mutual Musicians Foundation. 

Events and Holidays

Everything You Need to Know About Big 12 Basketball in KC

Warming temperatures in March mean more than just the arrival of springtime in Kansas City—they signal an incoming swarm of basketball fans from across the country, all converging in Downtown KC for the Phillips 66 Big 12 Men's and Women's Basketball Championships.

Everything You Need to Know About Memorial Day in Kansas City

Crowds pack together for a front-row view of Union Station. Just before dark, the Symphony strikes up in song, a rousing show that’s capped off with a fitting tribute of a fireworks display. It’s Memorial Day Weekend in KC, a time to reflect, celebrate and usher in the summer season.