How to Start and Finish the KC Tap Tour in Less than a Month

May 7, 2018


With summer weather officially in full swing, there’s no better time than the present to participate in the Kansas City Tap Tour. Although daunting, sampling beer at 19 different area breweries in less than a month can be done—and enjoyed! All it takes is a little pre-planning and a craft beer-happy attitude.

The Guidebook can be purchased at Visit KC, Amerisports Brew Pub, Bordering Brewing, Boulevard Brewing, Cinder Block Brewing and KC Bier Co. Even better: Through May 31, individuals can purchase two Guidebooks for the price of one, available at all purchase locations

Split Up Your Time


While not impossible, visiting all participating breweries in a single day or weekend would be a Herculean feat worthy of admiration. However, to make your schedule more manageable, try breaking up your trips into different weekends.


For the first weekend, stick to the Crossroads Arts District, West Bottoms and Westport. This means you’ll be visiting Border Brewing, Boulevard Brewing, Brewery Emperial, Double Shift Brewing, Green Room Burgers & BeerStockyards Brewing and Torn Label Brewing. All are within walking distance or an easy drive from one another—perfect for a single weekend’s work.


On weekend number two, take your talents to North Kansas City, where you’ll encounter Big Rip Brewing, Calibration Brewery, Cinder Block Brewing and Colony KC. From there, head over to Amerisports Brew Pub just a short trip east and you’ll have the Northland covered.


Finally, on the third weekend, travel south to hit up Brew Lab in Overland Park, Crane Brewing in Raytown, KC Bier Co. in Waldo, Martin City Brewing in (you guessed it) Martin City and both Fringe Beerworks and Smoke Brewing in Lee’s Summit. You’ll spend a little more time in the car but the offerings at these regional locations are just as tasty as anywhere in the city.

Rally Friends and Family


Chances are that you’re not the only one in your friend group who procrastinated and haven’t bought your book yet. Save yourself the embarrassment of not acquiring the super-cool KC Tap Tour pennant and T-shirt by rallying friends and family to join you on your hops-heavy journey.


Redeem your completed Guidebook at Visit KC, Bunker or Normal Human to receive your awesome prizes.

Enlist Professional Drivers


From Boulevard's Beer Hall to Martin City's popular local brewery down south, safely touring around Kansas City is easier than ever thanks to ridesharing companies (Lyft and Uber) as well as companies like Barley Bus, a convenient way to experience the city’s craft beer scene with up to 14 of your closest friends.