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Less pretense, more passion. Less ego, more effort. Less imitation, more innovation. You’ll find genuine enthusiasm all across town—people fearlessly following what inspires them, creating the unrivaled experience of Kansas City. Everything we do here is from the heart.


Near or far, it's easy to fall for KC. See what people love about our city and tag us in your own photos using @VisitKC.

Baba's Pantry

Pride in Every Plate

From classic Kansas City barbecue to modern global cuisine, every dish is made with passion. Get a taste of it all, from family-owned restaurants that have become local favorites to award-winning dining experiences led by talented culinary artists.

KC Sports

We Root for the Home Team

Legends are made here—on every field, pitch, diamond and rink. Kansas Citians rally behind their teams to create unmatched atmospheres and excitement. We can’t wait to cheer alongside the rest of the world when KC hosts the FIFA World Cup 2026™.

brand-new single-terminal airport

Arrive in KC Style

Our brand-new single-terminal airport lets you immerse yourself in Kansas City from the moment you touch down. Convenient and innovative, the airport features keepsakes from local makers, unique dining and public art installations.

Explore the Kansas City Region

A City of Neighbors

Each Kansas City neighborhood shares the spirit of the city while adding its own style and stories. From the Crossroads and 18th and Vine to Strawberry Hill and the Plaza, spend some time in each to see which one feels like your favorite.

KC Attractions

Local Culture in Every Landmark

Explore iconic attractions to find world-class art, exhilarating performances, one-of-a-kind historical experiences and more. We’re happy to share our passions with you.

Summer Activities

Family Fun in the Sun

Summer in Kansas City is the perfect time for kids of all ages to play, explore, create and spend quality time with the family. Bring the whole crew to make memories together.

Upcoming Events in Kansas City

What’s Happening

Pack your calendar full of unforgettable Kansas City events. Find fun crowds in moment-making venues. We can’t wait to see the pictures.

Destination Partners

KC United

Our city was forged by passionate locals who made their mark. Check out our attraction and destination partners who are constantly elevating the visitor experience.