From Kansas City, take I-70 west to 7 Highway and then north about 25 minutes. Leavenworth is only about 45 minutes from downtown Kansas City. Check out our best bets, or visit

Leavenworth’s Victorian Carroll Mansion

A visit to this mansion is like a “step back in time”. This 1867 Victorian house features elaborate handcrafted woodwork throughout the house, beautiful stained glass windows and elegant antiques from the Victorian age era to the early 20th century. Guided tours available.

Allow 1 hour

Tour of the City of Leavenworth with Step-On Guide

Tour of the “First City of Kansas”, established in 1854. Points of interest include Fred Harvey’s Home, Carroll Mansion, Buffalo Bill Cody, numerous other historic homes, the renovated 1888 Union Depot, Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” Chapel and the “Big House” which is the United States Federal Penitentiary—drive by only!

Allow 1 hour

Frontier Army Museum

This museum showcases the Army’s role in the western expansion of this country featuring a new world-class exhibit, “Beyond Lewis & Clark - the Military Exploration of the American West”. Your group will see the carriage that Abraham Lincoln traveled in when he visited Leavenworth, the sleigh owned and used by George Custer when he was stationed at Fort Leavenworth, a Conestoga Prairie Schooner dating from 1790 and a 1917 JN4D “Jenny” Bi-Plane.

Allow  45 minutes

Buffalo Soldier Monument

This monument was dedicated in July 1992, honoring the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments comprised of black soldiers who were called “Buffalo Soldiers”. General Colin Powell initiated this effort while stationed at Fort Leavenworth. As a matter of record, the Buffalo Soldiers have been honored for their bravery and service more than any other American military unit, yet history fails to reflect this. It can be arranged to have former Buffalo Soldiers greet and educate your group at the site, if requested.

Allow 30 minutes

First City Museum

The museum features a collection of early frontier memorabilia and artifacts. Also on display is a large mock-up of the “Big House”, U.S. Federal Penitentiary, which is the next best thing to touring the prison-and a lot less walking!!

Allow 1 hour

Carousel Museum

Leavenworth’s newest museum which opened in 2005 features a newly restored, fully operational 1913 C.W. Parker Carousel, originally made in Leavenworth by the C.W. Parker Carousel Amusement Company. The carousel was created during the period when this company was famous nationally and internationally for its unique and creative carousels and associated amusement devices. Also on display is the oldest primitive carousel in the United States and a 1950s aluminum Paul Parker Carousel.

Allow 2 hours

National Fred Harvey Museum

This museum will be housed in Fred Harvey, the famous restaurateur's, former home and will feature artifacts and memorabilia of Harvey and his famous Harvey House Restaurants, Harvey Girls and Hotels. The museum is under renovation at the present but welcomes tour groups by appointment. Harvey established a network of restaurants, first along the Santa Fe Railroad and later at stations on other lines. The Harvey Houses, with waitresses known as Harvey Girls, set a standard of excellence for food and fine service in a part of the country previously known for its gastronomic tortures!

A tour of this “budding” museum and a meal served by ladies dressed as “Harvey Girls” at the historic 1888 Union Depot make a nice “step back in time” for your group.        

Allow 1 hour

Tour of Fort Leavenworth with Step-On Guide

Fort Leavenworth is the oldest Fort west of the Mississippi River that has been in continuous operation. The Fort was founded in 1827 and played a major role in keeping the peace among the various Indian tribes and the increasing number of settlers heading West. Among numerous historical sites, there is visible evidence of a cut in the terrain that was made by heavy-laden wagons pulled by teams of oxen as they journeyed west on the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails.

Allow 1 hour

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