2014: the Kansas City Royals were in the World Series for the first time in 29 years. And it was personal for many. Guest bloggers shared their favorite Royals memories and captured the spirit of the city as the Royals sought their first world title since 1985.

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Royal Stories: 29 years later…

By Greg Franklin

I was fast asleep in my bed when my father jostled me awake. He was full of the sort of nervous, frantic energy that made me slightly fearful for my life, like the roof was on fire. “Greg! They’re coming back!” My eyes fought through the sleep and widened. It was not over yet.

29 years ago, I ran upstairs in my pajamas with my dad to witness the Kansas City Royals fighting back to tie and eventually win in the bottom of the 9th in Game 6 of the 1985 World Series. I was 9 years old.


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Royal Stories: Being a KC transplant

By Amanda Graor

As a Kansas City transplant, I often struggle with who to root for. I moved to the city nearly 8 years ago from Detroit and have certainly settled in. I’ve had season tickets to Sporting KC for years – that’s an easy one with no Detroit equivalent. But when it comes to baseball, the longer I’ve lived here, the more I’ve fallen in love with the Royals! While the Tigers will always be my hometown team, the Royals have become my “adopted home” team.


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Blue Neptune Fountain Royals

Royal Stories: Kansas City Sings the Blues

By Lysa Allman-Baldwin

“It” is the blues, which, along with jazz, is one of Kansas City’s most recognizable sounds.

Yet this is a very different kind of blues. One that hasn’t been sung as loudly and feverishly as it was in 1985 when the Kansas City Royals celebrated their first historic run to the biggest stage in baseball—The World Series.

Yes, Kansas City is singing the Royals blues!


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Kauffman Stadium - Home of the Kansas City Royals

Royal Stories: My First Love Affair

By Andreina Byrne

There wasn’t an ‘Interactive Kids Area’ or, even a Sluggerrr, for the first years of my Royals’ love affair. There was just baseball.

“Limonay, limonay, limonayyyed, ohhhh” the adorably animated vendor used to yell. Fans would yell with him, as I tugged on my dads jacket to make sure he heard the hilarity going on all around him.

My older brother and my older sister and I have been going to the K since before I could walk.We knew that when my Irish-immigrant-dad said “Royals game?” in his Americanized-brogue from living here for ten years, that it was truly, a time to party.


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Catch the Blue Fever

News flash: the Kansas City Royals are in the World Series! If you somehow missed one of the biggest sports stories in local history, it’s hard not to notice the blue fever that’s swept through Kansas City, touching everything from fountains and buildings to clothing and food (yes, food).

This is a momentous time for our fair city. And to help keep the celebration going, we’ve picked a few of our favorite Royals-themed Instagram snapshots. Trust us—after checking these out, you’ll feel anything but blue!


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