Speak Easy - A Visit KC Podcast

Speak Easy: A Visit KC Podcast

No drinks, just dialogue, with Kansas City's doers and makers. A new podcast by Visit KC showcasing How We Do Kansas City.

From Midwest cuisine to the craft beer scene, each episode of Speak Easy explores unique Kansas City culture—all with the help of people who make and shape it every day.

Season 2:

Episode 8 - Kansas City's Cultured Art Scene with Weinberger Fine Art

Between impressive galleries in the Crossroads and colorful, back-alley graffiti, it’s clear that art is everywhere in Kansas City. We talked to Kim Weinberger from Weinberger Fine Art about supporting creators, building relationships and celebrating the city’s creative scene.

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KC-Area Podcasts


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A selection of some of the best podcasts coming out of the Heart of America:

  • Paris of the Plains Podcast - dedicated to producing unheard audio stories from people who have a relationship with Kansas City. Personal, powerful, but above all surprising and engaging.
  • Mixtapes & Mixology – Jonathan Bender mashes up the Kansas City music and cocktail scene: take one track from a local artist, give it to a local bartender and ask them to make us a drink based on how the song makes them feel. Along the way, we dive into the world of that band, that bartender, and that cocktail.
  • The History Chicks – Two women. Half the population. Several thousand years of history.
  • Nerds of Nostalgia - A KC based podcast focusing on all the nerdy nostalgia from our past: movies, music and television with a variety of awesome guests
  • For Serious – A weekly podcast where we seriously answer serious questions seriously. For serious. It's true, we may divert ourselves along the way with flights of fancy, unabashed intellect and whatever the opposite of that is, but ultimately, we have a vested interest in making you feel vaguely educated. If you were the class clown but you still wanted to learn things, this is the podcast for you.
  • KC Startup 411 - KC Startup 411 covers the latest news from the Kansas City startup scene, we interview founders of local startups and others helping those startups. Interviews are done live at 1Million Cups on Wednesday Mornings and also at other local KC Start up events.
  • Question Quest - A podcast from KCUR looking into the landmarks, monuments and places that beg to be explored in the Midwest.
  • Kansas City Royals Podcasts - Royals beat reporters join national correspondents to take an inside look ahead at the story lines and developing news that impact the team's outlook. 
  • SportsBeat KC - A sports podcast by the Kansas City Star's sports writers and columnists, including in-depth commentary and analysis on the Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, FC Kansas City and more.
  • Chiefs Download - A look into the world of the Kansas City Chiefs, including interviews with head coach Andy Reid, thoughts from your favorite players, practice reports, game previews, game wrap-ups and more. The Chiefs Download is a must-listen for any and all Kansas City Chiefs fans.
  • Talkin’ Touches - Thoughtful discussion surrounding Sporting Kansas City and Major League Soccer each and every week.
  • Unspecified - Each week on Unspecified Eric Hurst speaks with people doing something out of the ordinary. People working to free wrongfully convicted prisoners, uncovering the secrets of the brain, or challenging everything we were taught to be fact in grade school. There's no agenda, just a good dose of curiosity.
  • Can City Podcast - Tune in as three friends discuss local KC businesses, restaurants, movies, pop culture, tech and more. 
  • The Kansas City Podcast - Join host Cole Lindbergh each week as he sits down with a one-of-a-kind Kansas City native for a conversation on life in The City of Fountains.
  • Coastless - Coastless is a podcast for Midwesterners navigating a connection-based travel lifestyle. The podcast offers tips on travel and interviews travelers from the Midwest.
  • The TeamKC Podcast - The TeamKC Podcast talks national trends, best practices, personal leadership and the best of Kansas City’s lifestyle.
  • Open Belly - A KC-based podcast that explores international cuisine in the local community, as well as the chefs—many of whom are immigrants—who share that food with the city. 

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Episode 9 - Speakeasies, Cocktails and Kansas City's Downtown Revival with Ryan Maybee

Long-celebrated as one of the best cocktail bars in the city, Manifesto represents so much of what people have come to love about Kansas City. Artisan approach. Off-the-beaten-path cool. Midwestern hospitality. Behind it all is bartender Ryan Maybee. We talked to him about his roots, creating recipes and developing talent.

Episode 10 - Kansas City's Bread Renaissance with Ibis Bakery

Whether complementing artisan sandwiches or served as sliced accompaniments on charcuterie boards, Kansas City bread is having its moment in the spotlight. We talked to Kate and Chris Matsch from Ibis Bakery about grain milling, crumb and the impact of fresh, local bread.

Photo by Paul Versluis; published in August 2016 Johnson County Lifestyle

Episode 11 - Big Ideas, Branding and KC's Creative Culture with Tad Carpenter

Known for his design work on New York Times bestsellers and Boulevard's new Beer Hall (among countless other projects), Tad Carpenter is clear that he's a Kansas Citian, through and through. We spoke with the designer/illustrator/children's book author about inspiration and KC's creative culture.

Episode 12 - Sipping on Champagne in KC with Ça Va

Ça Va revels in being KC's only champagne bar. New bubbles, delicious Midwestern cuisine and laid-back vibes make it one of the best hangs in town, whether you're stopping by after work, gathering your group for brunch or celebrating New Year's Eve in style. We talked to Managing Partner Caitlin Corcoran about champagne, pairings and Westport.

Episode 13 - The Past, Present and Future of Kansas City Barbecue with Ardie Davis/Remus Powers, Ph.B.

Ardie Davis, better known by many for his larger-than-life, 'cue-themed alias, Remus Powers Ph.B., knows a thing or two about barbecue. He invented the American Royal's Sauce Competition, has authored 12 books on the topic and he's in the Barbecue Hall of Fame. We picked some bones together and talked KC-style smokin', regionalism and what's next for the cuisine.

Episode 7 - KC’s Health Food Revolution and Community Building with Ruby Jean’s Juicery

A former college football player turned health food aficionado, Chris Goode is advocating for more than just clean living. His shop, Ruby Jean's Juicery, presents a new kind of gathering place that's changing perceptions and empowering people from all backgrounds. We talked to him about KC's health food scene and building communities. 



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