Summer in Kansas City holds fun for just about everyone, and one area company decided to challenge their interns find that fun in a unique way! Read on to hear from @elenacathryn, an intern at Garmin in Olathe, KS. We found her #HowWeDoKC adventures on Twitter and knew it'd be a perfect blog to share with those seeking fun indoors and out this summer in Kansas City

When my email inbox dinged at 4:47 on the evening on a summer Friday in Kansas City, I hoped it was the message I’d been waiting for. And sure enough, Garmin HR had just sent out the long-anticipated KC bucket list: a collection of over 30 locations scattered across Kansas City and its fringes, the subject of a 63-hour social media scavenger hunt of mammoth proportions. 

Over six hours of driving and countless more exploring, nearly 200 miles covered by car alone. In just two days. Why did I do it?

Three reasons - friendship, excitement, and a little bit of competition. I chose four people I thought were great and asked them if they wanted to go on an adventure. We squeezed into my car and off we went to explore this brand new city, armed with just a full tank of gas and some classic road trip playlists. The third reason kicked in on Sunday afternoon, just half a day before our deadline. We had begun the weekend with the hope of visiting half the locations on the list, but when we realized we were behind another team, we experienced a resurgence of energy and raced to visit all we could. 

Thanks to the bucket list challenge, four friends and I shared laughs, hugs, and sunburns. We ended that Sunday evening by visiting two gorgeous museums (Prairiefire and the Nerman), slowing down for once just to marvel at how they glistened in the sunset. 

The best part? We ended up with dozens of photos documenting our insane escapade, along with a short list of all the places we’d love to return to this summer. Top of my list? The Museum at Prairiefire, Loose Park, River Market, and brunch. All the brunch. 

Enjoy a glimpse at our jam-packed weekend in and around the city - and I hope you'll recreate it yourself.

Union Station

Took the midnight train going n-e-where #internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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Legends Outlets

Legend... wait for it... dary. #howwedokc #GarminIntern #internKC

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Harley-Davidson Factory

Left the Honda, rode back on a Harley #howwedokc #GarminIntern #internKC

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Airline History Musuem

We're so fly #howwedokc #GarminIntern #internKC

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The Money Musuem at the Federal Reserve Bank

#internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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American Jazz Museum

Sax and the city #howwedokc #GarminIntern #internKC

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Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

We hit this one outta the park #internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Breathe in, exhale. Yoga at the Nelson-Atkins #howwedokc #GarminIntern #internKC

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Country Club Plaza

Look at this cool guy we found! #internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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Bonding with the streets of old Westport #internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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Joe's Kansas City

Only the best BBQ! The original Joe's. #internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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Hallmark Visitors Center

We're just visiting #internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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National World War I Museum and Memorial

Liberty memorial! #howwedokc #GarminIntern #internKC

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River Market

River Market! #internKC #GarminIntern #howwedokc

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My name is Elena Montes. I’m a computer science student at the University of Oklahoma who’s lucky enough to be interning in Garmin’s Aviation Software Engineering department in Olathe this summer. I love to sing, watch movies, write, listen to records, code, organize and then reorganize, and consume cappuccinos by the gallonful. My dream life probably includes working to inspire women to join STEM fields, running a comfy cafe in West London, and writing travel blogs.

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