An event as monumental as August’s total solar eclipse calls for special celebrations. The watch parties across the metro alone demonstrate the efforts many are going to in order to capitalize on the cosmological occasion. That said, whether you’re stuck at the office or plan to be cruising down a lazy river at an area waterpark, there are plenty of festive ways to commemorate this historic total solar eclipse, Kansas City-style.

So, grab your eclipse safety sunglasses and build your perfect KC solar eclipse celebration with these local recommendations.

Raise a Toast

Boulevard Brewing Co.

There’s hardly a better way to spend the afternoon than at Boulevard’s Beer Hall, a glorious testament to the craft brewer’s Midwest heritage. Order the Dark Truth Stout—a rich, complex beer as dark as the mid-afternoon sky during the eclipse—and raise your glass in celestial celebration. 

Surf’s Up, Sun’s Gone

Oceans of Fun

Cruise the waves at Oceans of Fun as you await the imminent afternoon blackout. Even though it’ll only be completely dark for a few minutes, you’ll still feel like you’re at the coolest afterhours pool party.  

Afternoon Happy Hour

Cellar Rat Wine Merchants

Grab a bottle of Mean Mule Distilling Co.’s American Agave Spirit and craft yourself a KC Agave Sunset. Think of this as the City of Fountains twist on a Tequila Sunset—pour the agave spirit into a glass and fill with ice cubes, followed by orange juice and topped off with grenadine. Stir together and you’ve got your go-to midday sunset beverage. 

Dark Side of the (Chocolate) Bar

Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Swing by chocolatier Christopher Elbow’s flagship location to pick up the No. 6 Dark Rocks chocolate bar, a 63-percent gourmet dark chocolate treat blended with popping candy (think Pop Rocks). While its name is basically a synonym for our moon, the candy itself is a decadence so delicious it was voted the best chocolate bar in America by Food & Wine Magazine. 

Nocturnal Animals

Kansas City Zoo

Spend the day with young ones at the Kansas City Zoo and watch the total solar eclipse in action with all of your animal buddies, from chimpanzees to Billy goats and all the exotic creatures in between. 

Explore Over/Under KC


Whether you want to embrace the eclipse from towering elevations or are in search of a place to break away from the crowds, try out some of the loftiest heights and underground escapes in KC.

Moonshine Madness

Holladay Distillery

It wouldn’t be a Midwest party without a little moonshine! Consult with the experts at Holladay Distillery by touring their impressive facility. While you’re there, grab a bottle of Holladay White Dog—real moonshine fresh off the still—and watch the event unfold in beautiful Weston, Mo.

Black Hole-(in-one) Sun


Perfect your swing atop one of the many levels at Overland Park’s Topgolf facility and get a close-up glimpse of the astronomical anomaly in all its dark-skied glory. 

Patio’ing in the Moonlight

Kansas City features a wide array of patio hangouts perfect for viewing the total solar eclipse. Need some afternoon caffeination? Try Filling Station in Union Hill. Hungry for a late lunch? Check out The Jacobson in the Crossroads Arts District. Something sweet to beat the heat? Make your way to Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard in Brookside. Want to move happy hour up a few hours? McCoy’s Public House in Westport is your spot.

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Moon Marble in Bonner Springs Kansas

Small Moon Rising

Moon Marble Company

Makers by trade, the Moon Marble Company is a regional favorite thanks to its colorful, handmade marbles. Collect a handful of heavenful designs to commemorate the great big marble up in the sky. 

Unforgettable Watch Parties

Don’t forget to check out some of the most noteworthy watch parties in town during this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

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