#InstaKC Captures: Fountains

April 13, 2017

#InstaKC Captures is a blog series that highlights some of the most photogenic sights in Kansas City. From iconic monuments to lesser known gems, we tour the city in search of some of the best places to take a snapshot.

This week, we celebrated the return of Kansas City's beautiful fountains with Fountain Day. As ubiquitous as they are beautiful, the city is teeming with founts large and small, from simply designed pieces to works of complex art.

Spirited Spouts

Crown Center is known for many things, but one of the all-encompassing destination's most attractive sights is surely its fountains, a perennial favorite among kids.

Young ones love watching on as different spouts shoot water up to choreographed cadences. Hang around and, with a bit of timing, you'll be able to nail a shot perfect for sharing with others. 

Classic KC Fountain

Right near the Country Club Plaza photographers and fountain-appreciators alike will find the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain, one of the most iconic spouts in the city.

Each of the four horsemen in the fountain represent the four mightiest rivers in the world: the Mississippi, the Volga, the Seine and the Rhine. Combined, they make for an incredible image to add to your collection.  

Two Amazing Views


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The Bloch Fountain benefits from not one but two incredible backdrops, making it one of the best (and most awe-inspiring) fountains to photograph in the city. 

Facing south, intrepid InstaKC friends will find Liberty Memorial at the National World War I Museum and Memorial. Turn around and photographers won't be able to miss the iconic Union Station in the background. How's that for compelling subjects?