The Elms: Missouri’s Biggest Spa Just Outside of KC

January 26, 2016

Kansas City is blessed with many great destinations and technicians that offer fabulous spa treatments, but if you’re one of those people who believe bigger is better, then head up I-35 to Excelsior Springs for some pampering at The Elms Hotel & Spa, one of the oldest, but certainly the biggest spa in the great state of Missouri. Indeed, the 25,000 square foot space claims it is the largest spa between Chicago and Dallas.

The Elms

And if you are into those big numbers and rare experiences, you’ll be even more impressed that The Elms has one of the few European lap pools in the United States. A lap pool is basically a long narrow pool where people simply swim laps or walk for exercise. It’s about four feet deep, so not made for diving and bellybusters.

Among the famous folks who have lapped the Elms’ pool – Rock Marciano, Jack Dempsey and, of course, President Harry Truman. And this pool is equally famous for the ghost of an indebted gambler who was shot here during Prohibition when slot machines and liquor filled the space that is now the spa.

Elms Hotel & Spa

The most recent of renovations and improvements at the Elms Spa came in 2012, bringing the number of treatment rooms to 14. Four of those are couples rooms, two are hydrotherapy rooms and two are Vichy shower rooms.

But one of the nicest additions from the 2012 renovation is the Grotto. Grotto access is $55 per guest, based on spa availability, but the fee is waived with spa services. It’s this lovely underground space that includes steam showers, saunas, a cold water plunge and a body scrub bar. Doesn’t that sound like fun – belly up to the bar with a couple of cold ones and a loofah sponge to exfoliate your skin! It's an experience that will leave anyone feeling fresh and invigorated.

The outdoor pool and hot tub at The Elms is also a wonderful space to relax for a while and leave feeling a little better about the world. The pool is filled all year long, even in the cold of winter, to provide for a more inviting image for the many weddings and other special events that take place at The Elms.

Just 25 miles from downtown Kansas City, The Elms is a great day trip getaway for a bit of history and pleasure, and bragging rights that you’ve enjoyed Missouri’s largest spa!

Elms Hotel & Spa