Donut Shops in Kansas City

Glazed, powdered, filled, sprinkled and frosted—no matter how you coat it, donuts are always a crowd-pleaser. With a collection of old-school joints and modern craft makers offering this classic morning treat, Kansas City has never been sweeter.

Discover popular donut shops in Kansas City:

Fairway Creamery


The latest concept from revered chocolatier Christopher Elbow is a runaway success. Fairway Creamery combines excellent, simply made craft donuts with equally impressive soft serve ice cream.


Has there ever been a more satisfying sweet-tooth combination? Judging by the crowds and early sellouts, probably not.



Perfect for families, Donutology is a local build-your-own concept that allows customers to design miniature, made-to-order donuts from a diverse assortment of toppings, drizzles and other fun add-ons.


Plus, with donut ice cream shakes and other creations, you’re sure to try something new during each visit.



LaMar’s is exactly what you think of when you imagine a classic donut shop. Treats are as inexpensive as they are delicious, so don’t hesitate to order a dozen, if only to sample a wide variety of flavors.

Duck Donuts


Another made-to-order concept, Duck Donuts is a national establishment with its first KC-area location in Leawood. Duck’s little dones offer the best of both worlds: diners get to enjoy unique menu items all without filling up on a single donut. 



Understated yet undeniably scrumptious, Hana’s Donuts are found in its KCK location and at coffee shops and cafes throughout the metro. With an inexpensive price tag and a bevy of fluffy, spongey tastes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself.

Donut King


North Kansas City’s Donut King is a donut-lover's donut shop. (Try saying that three times fast.)

For starters, it’s open an Iron Man-like 144 hours per week. But it also touts a behemoth menu, which includes 48 different donuts in addition to pastries, cakes, cupcakes and coffee. You’re welcome.

Hurts Donut Company


This donut shop is more than just a funny play on words. Located on Ward Parkway, Hurts Donut features kooky flavors like cotton candy, birthday cake, Fruity Pebbles and 70-plus other options.

Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse


Kansas City’s only vegan bakery is so good you might not even notice.

Find Mud Pie in Overland Park and at its original location in the funky 39th Street West district to enjoy a hip ambiance and a daily assortment of vegan (and some gluten-free) donuts, among other baked goods.

Other Great Donut Shops