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11 Inspiring Fountains in Kansas City

From oft-photographed favorites to gems hidden amid lush gardens, the fountains found in Kansas City represent more than civic beauty. They inspire us creatively and emotionally, connect us when we're both together and apart. Put more succinctly, fountains showcase KC at its very finest. 

Find 11 inspiring fountains throughout the metro. 

Kauffman Stadium Fountains

No Kansas City Royals game is complete without a shot of the fountains at Kauffman Stadium. 

Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain

This Union Station landmark remains one of the most memorable fountains in the city thanks to water shows every half-hour and hour. 

Rozzelle Court Fountain Basin

The oldest fountain in the city dates back to the Roman Empire, found appropriately at the distinguished Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Meyer Circle Sea Horse Fountain

Installed in 1925 and located just west of the Brookside neighborhood, the fountain's central figure features an imaginative display of mythological aquatic creatures.

Firefighters Fountain and Memorial

Located in Midtown, this fountain proves a fitting memorial for firefighters who give their lives to keep Kansas City safe. 

Pomona Fountain

Because Kansas City Chiefs spirit takes hold of everything in KC, including the fountains. Find Pomona on the Plaza. 

Crown Center Fountains

The fountains at Crown Center always stun, but especially so during the holidays. 

Muse of the Missouri Fountain

The Muse of the Missouri, located at the north end of Downtown, represents one of the more ornately designed fountains in all of Kansas City.

Parterre Garden Fountain

A trip to the Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden is worth the visit for the floral environs alone, but this serene fountain is especially beautiful thanks to its colorful surroundings. 

Rose Garden Fountain

First envisioned in 1931, the Rose Garden in Loose Park may be the single prettiest place in Kansas City. Whether a local or visiting from out of town, be sure not to miss the fountain at its center. 

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fountain

Make a stop while near Westport to pay your respects at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a wonderful and solemn tribute to veterans that was dedicated in 1986.