We talked to “Tall Paul” Alexander about the best places in Kansas City. Alexander is the front drive greeter at the Westin Crown Center, where he has welcomed visitors to KC for 38 years. 

Why do you choose to live and work in Kansas City?

This is my home, and I grew up here. I’m 63, and the people are so friendly.

How would you describe Kansas City to someone who has never been here?

It’s a wonderful place to visit, a wonderful place to raise your family and a nice, clean town with a lot to offer.

When it comes to places to stay, what is Kansas City’s best-kept secret?

That’s a tough one. People talk about the historic Muehlebach Hotel where President Truman and all the famous presidents stayed in the late 1920s, 30s and 40s. (Editor’s note: The Muehlebach is now part of the Marriott Kansas City Downtown.)

Where do you go to get away from it all?

I go to Crown Center. I’ve been here 38 years, and this is my second home. Guests love the waterfall, shops and restaurants.

If you had visitors for one day and could only do three things, what would you do?

I would take them to the Country Club Plaza, one of the main attractions here, to hear live music, see the shops and walk around. I’d also go to the renovated downtown area and Sprint Center.

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