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Afentra, radio DJ and host of Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz on 96.5 The Buzz, talks to us about her favorite places to catch a show, her dream Buzz Beach Ball lineup and the artist(s) poised to have a huge 2017.  


Favorite Little-Known Restaurant

Mr. Gyro's

My favorite, based on sheer frequency, is Mr. Gyro's. I’m ALMOST embarrassed by how often I go in there. I could just drink their Greek salad dressing. They need to bottle it.

Favorite Place to Show Off in Kansas City

City Market

Friends and family always want to go to The Plaza. When my parents are here, we’ve always visited City Market, bought all produce and groceries. Mom cooks and I feast on some of my childhood favorites.


Favorite KC Tradition

Explaining the State Line

Explaining the state line to people. It’s hilarious. Every. Time.

The full interview

Q: What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended in Kansas City?

That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child. Over the years, I’ve seen some amazing shows, but one of the best has to be Beach Ball 2013 at Berkley Riverfront Park. Phoenix was the headliner that night and Thomas Mars was magical. Hundreds of people helped him crowd surf out to the soundboard … up the soundboard he went and back he went … walking on people like he was Jesus on water.

He paid Kansas City a great compliment after the show that night. He said thank you. Not to me … although, secretly, in my heart of hearts…I like to pretend he was talking to me. He hadn’t played a show in front of an audience like that in a very long time. It’s how a concert should be, he said.

Q: From Olympians to musicians, you’ve welcomed some big-time guests on your show over the years. Who’s been your favorite guest and why?

The interviews that go south are always memorable. Tyler the Creator, Jeremy Piven, Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Jared Leto. I saw an Oscar-winning performance of his in our old building. He’d come to apologize for his behavior at an earlier acoustic set he had done for a few of our listeners. He was full-on crying and asking us to not drop his band’s single, no one said a word, we watched in awe. I’ll give him this: the man can act.

Q: Kegs and Eggs has found a home at Alamo Drafthouse but there are tons of other great venues in town. What’s your favorite place in the area to catch a show and why?

I think The Midland is a beautiful venue. Artists that have filled arenas overseas have played that stage. I still love going to the Riot Room, although, The Hurricane will live forever. Thrilled that The Madrid has opened its doors to live music again. Still hoping Memorial Hall will follow suit.

In recent years, Kansas City has become a place where bands breakthrough into the mainstream. One of The Buzz’s mantras is that you guys break bands (with the proof to back it up), but that certainly didn’t happen overnight. So, how did it happen?

I think it’s a combination of things but ultimately, bands don’t break if people don’t like them.

Q: With that in mind, not every group “makes it.” What’s your favorite band that hasn’t really broken through in KC or nationally, and why?

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Glass Animals. Kansas City adores them and that feeling is mutual, the band loves KC. How they haven’t erupted nationally, I’ll never understand.

With satellite radio, streaming services and other digital platforms for listening to music, how do you keep up as a “traditional” radio station, and how does that relate to the “Listen Longer” call to action?

As I’m answering these, I want you to know that I do “finger” “quotes” every time I see a “quote.” That said, you can get music “anywhere.” I do serve it up pretty special though. Music is so personal for me, it says what I can’t when I can’t find the words. I think sometimes those other services are pretty impersonal, both with their audience and artists. At the end of the day, it’s about sharing. Hard to share with a streaming service or someone piped into 50 markets.

Q: You moved to Seattle for a couple years before returning to KC. What about the city brought you back?

The people. Seattle wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It seemed…cold. Not just the weather. They even have a name for this coldness, Seattle Freeze. Yes, it was a bigger market. Yes, I was working at a heritage alternative station, but at the end of the day, I felt that freeze. I gave birth to my oldest son in Seattle; for me, he was the best thing to come out Seattle. Better than grunge. Better than coffee. Better than Microsoft. I didn’t want him to feel that cold.

Q: Which band or artist is poised to have a huge 2017 and why?

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Hell if I know. I do root for artists. I’m a sucker for a good underdog. That’s not what you asked, so … I predict Spoon and Depeche Mode (not really an underdog, but if bands were boyfriends … they’re my first and sweetest love) will own the musical Super Bowl of 2017.

Q: The Buzz has been playing more music like A Tribe Called Quest, a group that melds a variety of sounds, styles and production methods. Is this a shift in the way we listen to “alternative” music, in listener taste or somewhere in between?

I don’t think so. “Alternative” music is really very broad with subgenres for days. There’s certainly a home for all of them. We can shoegaze, get emo, a little dark with some goth, let out some angst with punk and whatever other subgenre our heart desires.

Q: Buzz Beach Ball has turned into a huge music festival with many of the hottest alternative/indie/rock acts in the world. But if you had your way and could invite any musicians past or present, which artists would be in your all-time best lineup?

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I like this! For starters, a White Stripes reunion (Jack and Meg 2-gether 4-ever). Another little reunion, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Obviously, Depeche Mode being my first love and all.

I’m sure The Cure wouldn’t mind stopping by. Gogol Bordello because Immigrant Punks unite. Deap Vally and Slothrust need to be on a bill together. Glass Animals and AWOLNATION because mad love. Alicia Solombrino because she’s my lover. Finally, every festival needs a hologram, I’m torn between David Bowie or Tupac. F--- it, we do both.

Q: Speaking of Buzz Beach Ball, do you guys have any extra tickets lying around for the 2017 show? I know someone that needs a couple pretty badly (it’s me).

I know someone that could hook you up, but don’t tell anyone (it’s me too!).

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