Unique & Underground

Explore below the surface. Plan your day around these unique spots and experience the underground world of Kansas City.

First - Run a 5K Underground

Love running but hate the winter chill? Beat the frosty days at the Children’s TLC Groundhog Run in February. Held underground in the Hunt Midwest SubTropolis, this limestone business park keeps a consistent temperature between 65 and 68 degrees, perfect for every runner. Visitors from all over flock to this event, the only underground 10k race in the nation.

Then - Paintball in an old Mine

Jaegers Underground Paintball

Looking for some friendly competition? Explore one of KC’s oldest limestone mines at Jaeger’s Subsurface Paintball. With five underground recreation fields, visitors can engage in some friendly fire, no matter their skill level. Be sure to check out the two-man speedball field if you and a competitor are up for the challenge.

Finale - Speakeasy Cocktails

Sip on a cocktail at Manifesto, a subterranean speakeasy and one of USA Today’s Top 10 Places to Enjoy a Drink Underground. Located below The Rieger, this intimate, clandestine space features a cocktail menu that is extensive as most restaurants’ dinner options. Text your reservation to 816-536-1325–Manifesto fills up quickly.  

Want to Stay Underground?

Keep exploring KC below the surface with our full line-up of underground attractions that will leave you with a fresh perspective on a few of KC’s best kept secrets.

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