My Kansas City: Eric Stonestreet

Kansas City native Eric Stonestreet spent his 44th birthday working on an episode of Modern Family—ABC’s Emmy-award winning show on which Stonestreet plays the adorable, bumbling Cameron Tucker. For most of us, working on your birthday is not a lot of fun, but Stonestreet was delighted with the day.

“I got the best celebration of all—I got to work at a job I love,” he said.

Stonestreet has won two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Cameron Tucker, and keeps busy with multiple other roles, including a key role in Confirmation, an HBO movie set for release in spring 2016.

But in our conversation with Stonestreet, we assigned him another role: Kansas City tour guide for the day. Here are some of his recommendations for visitors to his hometown:

Barbecue He Loves

“When I bring friends from California to Kansas City, I tell them we’re going on a “meat-cation” and we hit as many barbeque joints as possible. Wyandot BBQ is my favorite and I grew up eating a lot of Rosedale’s, but you can’t beat the nostalgic taste of Gates. I’m also hearing good things about some new places in Westport, so those will be on my next meat-cation.”

Can't Miss Sports Experience

“If the timing is right, they have to take in a football game at Arrowhead. I talk with a lot of the professional athletes and sportscasters who have visited lots of stadiums and they all agree that the tailgating and the atmosphere at Arrowhead is second to none. It’s a very special place and I love it.”

Favorite Ballpark in America

“A Royals game at Kauffman Stadium is equally special. It really is the most beautiful stadium with all of the fountains. The camaraderie and fan-ship, the loudness of both of those stadiums and just the energy in the parking lot is something everyone should experience to appreciate Kansas City.”

Favorite Childhood Attraction

“As a kid, I loved going to Worlds of Fun—it’s a quaint place and still such a great place for families. I still like to go, because it has such good memories for me.”

Favorite Holiday Experience

“Christmas in Kansas City is so wonderful, especially on The Plaza. The Christmas music playing and the carriage rides, the smell of Houston’s and the other restaurants there on a cool night and walking around … it’s just one of my fondest memories and favorite times to be in Kansas City.” (Eric flipped the switch on the Plaza Lights on Thanksgiving evening 2012.)

Eric Stonestreet photo courtesy of ABC

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