Truman’s Presidential Museum Reopens After $29 Million Renovation

By Truman Library Institute

He never graduated from college, failed in business and became president. He stopped the buck, defeated Dewey and led our nation – and the world – through some of the most dramatic chapters in human history.

Explore the life and legacy of President Truman at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, opening July 2 after the largest renovation in the museum’s history.

The Hard Problems of Peace - Truman Library

The $29 million project invites visitors of all ages to explore Truman’s life and enduring legacy through immersive theaters, hands-on exhibits and never-before-seen artifacts.

"We have learned a lot about Harry Truman in the last 20 years. We also know a lot more about how museums connect with visitors. This is more than a museum refresh. It represents a comprehensive rethinking and a total reimagination of the legacy of our 33rd President," said Kurt Graham, Director of the Truman Library.

Truman Library - First Four Months

It's the first major renovation in more than 20 years and the largest since the museum opened its doors in 1957.

Learn how to fire a 75mm field gun before stepping onto the WWI battlefield where Harry Truman became Captain Truman. See the safety plug from the second atomic bomb, then step onto the war-torn streets of Berlin and into the Cold War.

Truman Library

Ride along on Truman’s Whistle Stop Campaign for one of most memorable presidential upsets in American history, then experience the Red Scare first hand with an all-new, interactive “Loyalty Oath” exhibit.

Follow Truman's evolution as a champion of equality and learn how Executive Order 9981 paved the way for civil rights legislation by President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s.

The Buck Stops Here

Step inside the Oval Office where Truman “stopped the buck” and courageously made monumental decisions that continue to shape the nation and our world. “There’s nothing like it in the presidential library system,” Graham said. “It is just absolutely stunning.”

With tickets on sale now, start planning your visit today!