Koalas at the KC Zoo

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They are finally here! Two young, male koalas named Coedie and Burra have arrived in Kansas City from the San Diego Zoo and have settled in at their brand new exhibit, Koala Flats. Each of the koalas has an apartment complete with trees for climbing and all the eucalyptus he can eat. 

Since eucalyptus makes up 100 percent of a koala’s diet, special care must be given to ensure they are getting the nourishment they need. They are offered fresh eucalyptus branches several times a day. While koalas will eat up to two pounds of the leaves daily, they only consume the top 8-10 inches of the branches (where the leaves are most tender) and leave the rest of the branch untouched. Kansas City is not the ideal climate to grow eucalyptus, so it must be flown in twice per week to guarantee peak freshness for the koalas.



When you visit Coedie and Burra, there is a good chance they will be sleepy. Koalas rest about 20 hours per day to help them digest their eucalyptus diet, which provides them with little energy.

Coedie and Burra are ambassadors for their species and are in Kansas City to help educate about koala conservation. You can learn more about them at two zookeeper chats daily at 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

While being one of the cutest animals around, koalas have a story to tell about their long term survival. As the continent of Australia becomes increasingly developed and populated with humans, there becomes less and less space for koalas. Their wild populations are shrinking and numerous actions are taking place to ensure their survival. As part our agreement with the San Diego Zoo, where Coedie and Burra call home, we will be contributing funds to a koala survival program.

Although they cannot stay forever, you will have plenty of chances to see these adorable marsupials during the next few months. They won’t return to San Diego until the end of November.

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