SEE - Jazz History

American Jazz Museum

Take note of the musical legends that have had a major presence in KC’s jazz scene at the new American Jazz Walk of Fame, located outside of the Museums on 18th & Vine. Afterwards, go inside to tour the American Jazz Museum, featuring interactive exhibits that profile icons like Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

DO - A Real Jam Session

Revel in a real live jam session at the Mutual Musicians Foundation. This establishment pays living tribute to KC’s long and illustrious jazz history. Since the 1930s, jazz greats and popular musicians show up every weekend to “jam.” But be sure to take a nap beforehand—the fun doesn’t get started until midnight and usually lasts until 6 a.m.

BONUS - New Jazz Joint

Quickly making a name for itself, Green Lady Lounge is one of most recent additions to Kansas City’s legendary jazz lineup. “The Lady” serves up live jazz seven nights a week, a great ambience and never a cover.

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