Listen to the Locals: Dustin Colquitt

Now in his ninth season with the Chiefs, Colquitt is the team’s left-footed punter. He owns the top spot in franchise history for his net average of 39.02 yards.

My First Impression

“You fly into the airport and kind of think ‘Where did they send me to?’ But then the town picks up you see downtown and the Missouri River, and you just kind of go through this cool, inviting, Midwest town."

Where I Watch

The Peanut, right off of 50th and Main Street. I just love that vibe, the hole-in-the-wall that just opens up and you have all this Kansas City history, sports, the music scene … We used to live at 50th and Wornall and walk over there, me and my wife, all the time."

Our Fans

“They’re just passionate about their sports … us, the Royals, KU, Missouri… it’s like a religion to them. They work hard all week and they let their hair down on the weekends and enjoy the sports scene.”

A Full Roster

“My kids are 6 ½, 5, 3, 1 and a new one in November. We do a lot of stuff at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead and we’ve hit every bouncy house in town.”

Fave Sports Memory

I remember it was 2006, and there had to be four or five or six different things happen for us to make the playoffs. And I remember Joe Nedney, he was playing for the 49ers at the time in Denver, and he hit a field goal to beat Denver, which pushed us into the playoffs. I had my three-week-old baby on my chest, and I remember I couldn’t celebrate very loud, but I was like [he opens his mouth wide in a silent shout and throws one arm up high in the air], and I then I checked my son and I said, ‘OK, he didn’t wake up!’ I remember that like it happened yesterday.