Listen to the Locals: Alex Gordon

Left fielder for the “boys in blue,” Gordon joined the Royals in 2007 after being the named the country’s top college draft prospect by Baseball America (

About 'The K'

“Win or lose, we have a good crowd and a good fan base, especially with the renovations at Kauffman Stadium. To see the transformation of this place in the six years I have been here has been unbelievable.”

Fave KC Memory

“Having the All-Star Game here. When they introduced Billy (Butler), the crowd went crazy. It gave me goose bumps. It speaks volumes of our fans and what they have meant to us over the years. That was a pretty special moment.”

Why I Love KC

“Being close to home. I was very fortunate to be drafted by Kanas City, the team I grew up rooting for.”

Time Out

“I live in Overland Park in a pretty quiet neighborhood … That’s where I go to get away from it all. Kansas City is a great place to raise a family. Overland Park has been great to us.”

Our City's Fans

“I think they are more respectful. That’s not to say anything bad about other fans but when we go on the road we get heckled pretty good. Not that the KC fans don’t heckle the other team, but it is done in a more respectful manner and it is a better atmosphere.”

Between Games

“Obviously the Power & Light District has grown over the years and is a good time. My family likes to come down and check out the Christmas lights in the Plaza area. It is always pretty special.”