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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kansas City Tap Tour?

The KC Tap Tour showcases the best of the Kansas City brewery scene while rewarding locals and visitors alike with discounts, prizes and more.

Is the KC Tap Tour an actual guided tour?

The KC Tap Tour is entirely self-guided. Participants have the freedom to choose which breweries to visit and when.

Can I receive a stamp without purchasing a drink?

Yes. Stamps can be received without any purchase.

I’m gluten-free. Can I still participate in the program?

Yes. Many of the breweries offer gluten-free options. Additionally, program participants can receive stamps in their Guidebooks without making a purchase.

How long does Season 3 run?

The program begins on May 1, 2019, and concludes on Nov. 4, 2019.

Can I purchase Guidebooks at any of the breweries?

Yes, there are several designated Guidebook pickup locations, including at four area breweries.

Can I buy Guidebooks for multiple people?

Yes. Participants can purchase Guidebooks for multiple people.

What deals are included in the Guidebook?

Unique discounts are offered by each brewery. Visit the discounts page or review the Guidebook for full discount details.

Why did the price go up?

More breweries means more pages in the Guidebook, which raises printing costs. That said, the offered discounts more than make up for the cost of the Guidebook.

What if I lose my Guidebook?

Unfortunately, the program does not offer reimbursement for lost Guidebooks at this time.

What are the best ways to get around to visit all of the breweries?

All of the breweries are within 30 minutes of one another if you have access to a vehicle. If not, the best options are using Uber, Barley Bus, the KC Streetcar, Lyft or other public transportation and taxi services.

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