Road Trip to Overland Park

Road Trip to Overland Park

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Okay, sure. Some might call Kansas flyover country. After all, looking out a plane window at clouds might be considered by some to be boring. The truth is, Overland Park is actually road trip country. Overland Park, Kansas, is a quick road trip for more than 55 million people. And think of the fun you’ll have along the way. Spotting prairie dogs pop up through the Flint Hills is not boring. Staring out the window in a dream-like trance as gorgeous, green rolling hills float by is not boring. And going on the ultimate hunt for all 50 states’ license plates is not boring either. It’s possible, by the way—even Hawaii!

So, organize your music playlist, pack up the little snack gremlins that you call your kids, and tell Siri “Destination: Overland Park, Kansas.” Wave at the skies above because there’s so much more to do down here. 

Day 1 – Travel Day


Day 1 - Overland Park Road Trip

Overland Park’s specialty is kids … it’s a city that just “gets it.” After checking in at one of OP’s many hotels with pools, get some patio time in at Strang Hall in Downtown OP.  Strang Hall offers six different restaurants under one roof for picky eaters to recharge. Bonus: Strang Hall has lounge chairs and lawn games to stretch out those legs after being cooped up in the car. Rest up easy. You’re only beginning your adventure at Overland Park …

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