Renewal Process

VIPs renew their status on an annual basis. VIP membership is tabulated quarterly, which means that your initial orientation rate will carry you through your first year. VIPs renew their membership each year with a smaller fee and a renewal application.

Click here to renew your VIP membership.


How much does the annual renewal cost?

$10 for Visit KC partners, $15 for non-partners


Why do I need to renew?

Because VIPs are the city’s influential insiders, they should to keep up-to-date on KC attractions, restaurants, hotels, stores and more to accurately and authentically speak to visitors.


What else is included in the renewal process?

VIPs are expected to visit 10 of our partners each year. In the application for renewal, you will list the 10 places you visited and write 1-3 sentences describing how you’d tell a visitor about it. A comprehensive list of our partners is available here:


If you need to renew your VIP membership, you will be notified via e-mail or can also access the renewal form by clicking here.