By Kirstin McCudden

When you’re here to get work done, it’s the meetings that matter. But there’s often not enough time to get beyond the PowerPoint. When the day is done for your team, or you want to break up the monotony of meetings with some meaningful intermingling, there’s something in our fair city that will bring out the best for all the types on your teams. 

For the Accounting and Number-Crunching types:

Up Down

Nothing breaks down barriers like side-by-side skee-ball and four-person off road driving games. The Crossroads Arts District’s arcade-and-beer spot, Up-Down, brings out nostalgia and team building all in one shot. Games are a quarter which means even the number crunchers among you will be happy. Perfect for a mid-day break or pre-dinner happy hour.

For the Busy Bee types:

Sky Zone

After a full day of chair-bound meetings, the movers and shakers in your club will want to head to Sky Zone trampoline park. Rent the entire facility to bounce—literally— off the trampoline-lined walls, and blow off some steam while stretching muscles. Everyone’s brains will be better for it. Perfect after a multi-day conference or for a longer mid-day break.

For the Human Resources types:

Culinary Center

There are benefits to leveling the playing field. At The Culinary Center of Kansas City, everyone gets an apron and their hands dirty as professional culinary instructors take your team through entire meal prep. Conversation flows freely in the industrial-grade kitchens during these private courses, and any Human Resourcer or “Who Moved My Cheese” master knows there are benefits to learning about the people around you and how best to work with them. The best part is – you get to eat your feelings. Perfect for when the workday is done. 

For the Junior VPs and Mid-Management types:

Breakout KC

Let your leaders shine—and figure out the up-and-comers—in a game of wits and teambuilding at Breakout KC, Kansas City’s Escape Game. A national phenomenon, the escape room concept puts a small group in a room with clues and sets a timer to freedom. Take your group to the River Market to show them how communication and working together are keys to success, and watch the competitive click into high gear with this group exercise. Perfect for a 60-minute day break or pre-dinner exercise.

For the Social Media Savvy and Digital Types:

It’s not just because we have Garmin’s world headquarters in our radius that Kansas City is known as a “Smart City.” With high-tech entrepreneurs and Google Fiber coursing through our veins, the techies among you will be right at home. A cultural-themed scavenger hunt, like one taking you through the world-renowned Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, can be arranged by Watson Adventures. All your team needs is a phone and some quick wits. The best high-tech, low-cost brain break needs nothing more than prep time. Organize a nearby Geocaching treasure hunt, and explore the city using coordinates to find hidden treasures. Perfect to roll out a more complicated version over a multiple-day meeting, or for longer breaks. 

FOR THE THRILL OF IT: Check out our list of 15 adventurous pursuits for even more ideas to take your meeting up a notch. 

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