T-Mobile Center - Sports Facility


Kansas City, Missouri’s T-Mobile Center arena finished is the fifth-busiest arena in the country, according to Pollstar magazine. Opened in 2007 as Sprint Center, the glass arena was a catalyst to Downtown Kansas City’s $7.3 billion renaissance. Since then, it has entertained more than 7 million guests per year and hosted more than 740 events. Stretched across eight and half acres, the arena complex also includes The College Basketball Experience attraction, 72 hospitality suites, 14 concession areas, a gift shop, a sports bar, a VIP lounge and several smaller meetings for meetings, receptions and other special events. 

Facility Name: T-Mobile Center

Total Field Space and/or Seating Available:  18,000+

Features: Concessions, restrooms, lights, locker rooms, dressing rooms, LED scoreboard, ribbon boards, multi-event capability, green room

Largest Contiguous space:  17,000 square feet

Column Free (yes or no):  Yes

Total number of meeting rooms:  N/A

Ceiling height:  98 feet

Union Facility: (yes or no):  No

Total number of hotel rooms within 1 mile:  3,500

Total seating (arena only):  18,000+

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