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Celebrate Kansas City's Love Story. Support Local Business.

These days are special.

Kansas City has firmly and proudly established its place on center stage.

Our passionate innovators, makers and imaginative entrepreneurs make KC known as a distinctly creative destination.

A star-studded team seeks to defend its place at the top of the National Football League.

And at the heart of it all, there's a community that wears a love of KC on our sleeves, united by a passion for everything this place has to offer—every creative endeavor, every unexpected charm, every roaring crowd.

For all who share in the love of this Midwestern metropolis, the reasons to revel are endless. Better yet, the region's awe-inspiring roster of creative experts, culinary talents and curated experiences offer chances to celebrate that are entirely authentic and can only be found here in KC.

Whether for gameday or date night, draw your inspiration from the love of Kansas City, where everything we do is from the heart.

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Local Shopping Guide

Carefully crafted and undeniably cool, Kansas City's local innovators have produced a red-hot creative culture. Preview dozens of KC-area options for gifts, gear, goods and more great ideas of all kinds.

Gameday Gear & Accessories

If you're still searching for the perfect items to show your loyalty on Sunday, KC offers no shortage of stellar picks. Browse the T-shirts, jackets, vintage picks and countless accessories to make your allegiance known.

Valentine's Ideas & Inspiration

Much more than a single day, Kansas City offers heartfelt ways to celebrate all season long. Pick up a few ideas for a weekend outing, a romantic dinner for two, the perfect gift, and many more dazzling ways to honor your own love story.

Gameday Events & Activities

Still searching for the perfect place to watch the game? Check out everything KC has lined up for the day ahead, from big screens at breweries to open-air experiences that welcome canine companions, and find a crowd of fans to cheer along with you.

Hotels in Kansas City

Looking for a place to stay near all the action or an escape for a romantic weekend? Either way, Kansas City's outstanding hotels have plenty to offer. Sleek spaces, award-winning restaurants and on-site entertainment options are certain to make your stay memorable.

2024 in Kansas City

Named one of Lonely Planet's best cities to visit in the year ahead, it's the right time for a trip to the Heart of America. Explore everything Kansas City has in store and see the latest newsworthy developments.