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“One of America’s coolest cities. Kansas City I love you.” – Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel


KANSAS CITY TRADITIONS: Authentic, All-American and Uniquely KC



Kansas City is home to more than 200 fountains—a total that eclipses every city in the world besides Rome. From large and majestic to small and whimsical, discover waterworks dedicated to fallen firefighters, the city’s children, women’s leadership and more.



From the Roaring ’20s to the early ’40s, jazz reigned in Kansas City. The city’s 12th Street became world renowned for its jazz clubs, gambling parlors and brothels—earning Kansas City the moniker the “Paris of the Plains.”

Today, live jazz can still be heard regularly at 40 clubs throughout the city.



When most people think of Kansas City, barbecue comes to mind. And there’s good reason: the city’s signature food is served up at more than 100 barbecue establishments, each boasting a house specialty.

Every fall, Kansas City hosts the world’s largest barbecue competition of 600 teams, the American Royal Barbecue.



Population: 2.1 million (MSA)
Time Zone: Central
Nicknames: KC, Heart of America, City of Fountains



2 states: the KC MSA includes both Missouri and Kansas

Located in the heart of the country, Kansas City is only a 3-hour flight from either coast.

The City of Kansas City, Missouri, touts 220 parks, 134 miles of trails and bikeways, 29 lakes, 103 playgrounds and 119 monuments.

142.2 decibels at Arrowhead Stadium set the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium on the planet.



Walt Disney opened his first animation company, Laugh-O-Gram Studio, in Kansas City, where he fed a small rodent that became the inspiration for Mickey Mouse.

Hallmark, the largest greeting card maker in the world, began in KC in 1910 when Joyce C. Hall started selling postcards out of two shoeboxes at the local YMCA.

KC “ignored” Prohibition during the 1920s, leading to an abundance of jazz clubs, brothels and gambling halls, earning KC the moniker “The Paris of the Plains.”



Each March, KC hosts more college basketball games than anywhere in the country.

Modeled after Seville, Spain, the Country Club Plaza opened in 1922 as the nation’s first outdoor shopping district.

Local advertising agency Bernstein-Rein conceived the Happy Meal for McDonald’s after the owner noticed his son staring at the cereal box during breakfast.

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