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Quickly register your production with KC Film Office so that we can understand how best to support your project. The KC Film Office acts as a liaison for film and video projects working in Greater Kansas City.



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Film incentives


KCMO Film Development Program passed unanimously in City Council on Feb. 25, 2016 creating Kansas City’s first ever film incentive program. After a great deal of work and planning we are excited to announce that Monday, May 31st is the official launch of the KC Film Development Program.  For more information or program details please visit the official rebate incentive program page.


State of Missouri Film Incentive -- House Bill 1645 has been filed by Representative Kathy Swan to re-instate Missouri State Film Incentives. To follow the progress of this bill we encourage you to follow and support Missouri Motion Media Association for updates and news.

State of Kansas Film Incentives are inactive at this time.


Information on who to contact and how to navigate regulations and permits in the KC metro.

 Download Info Sheet (pdf)

LOCATION SCOUTING - The Greater Kansas City area is film-friendly. Residents and businesses are generally open to scouting when they understand that you are doing a job. We highly encourage scouts and location managers to notify area PD of their activity as a “heads up”. It may be effective to contact the film office and request a letter of endorsement for scouting. We require that location scouts work with safety in mind - notifying the authorities to their presence, notifying business associations/neighborhood associations (KCMO Homes Assc.) and staying in communication with KC Film Office.

From Missouri Film Office:

Local film permits are not normally required in Missouri. Most cities, county and state-owned property, facilities and equipment may be borrowed or occasionally rented. Permits for filming in national parks, forests, recreational areas and monuments are generally required. Many public and privately owned locations do not require a location fee, but do require advance permission and proof of insurance. Advance communication with the Kansas City Film Office is recommended to prevent time consuming delays and unnecessary expenses. 

From Kansas Film Office:
There are no state filming permits; however individual cities and/or counties may require permits for filming.
Please contact the Kansas film commission for more information (785) 296-4927.

City Market in the River Market Area of KCMO & Mission Hills, KS requires permits to film.
City Market – (816) 842-1271, spatterson@thecitymarket.com
Mission Hills – (913) 362-9620, cchristiansen@missionhillsks.gov


Greater Kansas City’s wide variety of locations includes cities and neighborhoods that span two states – Missouri and Kansas.  No permit to film is required in either state. However, permits are required in city, county and state parks; you can find more information below. If your production will be inhibiting pedestrian or vehicle traffic, coordination with the Kansas City Missouri Street and Traffic Division. (For traffic information on the Kansas side, please call the KC Film Office).

City of Kansas City Parks & Recreation kcparks.org

Kansas City, Missouri Parks & Recreation Department oversees more than 10,000 acres of captivating park land, 140+ miles of landscaped boulevards, community centers and public fountains throughout the city. 

Film/Photo Shoot Request On-Line form 

Contact Heidi Downer for information or questions: 816.513.7527, Heidi.downer@kcmo.org

Johnson County, Kansas Parks & Recreation – 

Contact Linda Johnson  for information on permitting or questions: 913.826.3438, Linda.Johnson@jocogov.org

Olathe, Kansas Parks & Recreation –

Contact Nicole Asquith, Marketing Manager nmasquith@olatheks.org, 913.971.8643

Jackson County, Parks & Recreation –

Contact Angie Jeffries, Marketing & Media Supervisor, for information on permitting or questions: 816-503-4800 AJeffries@Jacksongov.org

Overland Park, Kansas

Contact Sean Reilly, Communication Manager/City PIO, for information or questions: 913-395-6109, sean.reilly@opkansas.org

Street Closures and Traffic Permits

To close Kansas, City Missouri streets or for pedestrian or vehicle traffic interruption, permits start at $75.  KCMO Traffic Permit -- Instructions/Application

The KCMO Traffic Control Permits for Filming in KCMO are required when you work within a right-of-way (a sidewalk
closure, street closure, partial or full lane closure) or any activities that impact public use of the streets and right-of-way.
It is also used for production vehicle parking permits (unless you have secured parking on private property).


For City of Kansas City, Kansas street closures and traffic permits visit Kansas City, KS Permit Application

Contact Cassandra Taylor 913.573.5400 for questions or information.


KC Streetcar

Guidelines:  http://kcstreetcar.org/photofilmvideo-guidelines/

Donna Mandelbaum, KC Streetcar Authority



Police Notification

Notify the police in the area you are filming 2 weeks prior to filming. Make your presence known. If you are using any prop weapons please be sure to get permissions and proper security through the police department. 

Contact Darin Snapp - darin.snapp@kcpd.org 816.234.5173

Kansas City Police Department, kcmo.com/police

Media Relations Unit, Contact M-F 816.234.5170

Fire Prevention 

Kansas City Fire Department, kcmo.gov/fire

Fire Prevention Unit Contact M-F 816.784.9100

Labor Laws 

Child Labor Laws

Wage & Hour Laws

Insurance Regulations:

Unemployment Insurance

Union Talent – SAG-AFTRA, Missouri Valley Local covers Kansas and Missouri

Contacts Maureen O’Brien Maureen.obrien@sagaftra.org, JD Miller John.Miller@sagaftra.org

Union Labor:

Missouri is not a right-to-work state. Some unions are represented in Missouri and should be contacted if you are seeking production services involving the Inernational Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Pictures Technicians, Artist and Allied Crafts of the US and Canada. 

IASTE Contact:

Gordon Hayman, Business Rep Local 493 Studio Mechanics

314.353.4931 or 314.623.8077, IATSE493@gmail.com

Teamsters Contact:

Rich Piglowski, Teamsters Local 610

314.209.0018 or 314.209.0042, rich@local610.org

Neighborhood/Business Notice of Filming

We encourage you to honor the beautiful and authentic neighborhoods and areas you film in in the Greater Kansas City area. Here is a downloadable example template for Neighborhood/Business Notification  

Your flier/letter must have the following information:

- Production Identification (name or alias)

- Accurate dates and times of filming

- Blocks affected by the filming

- Description of filming (include specifics – noise, lights, special effects, etc.) 

- Contact information for local production contact

- Contact information for KC Film Office

Prior to distribution send a copy of your flier/letter to Steph Scupham at the film office – sscupham@visitkc.com.

Note: Additional meetings, consideration and/or outreach may be required for high-impact activity.

Emergency Numbers

General Emergency – 911

Emergency Roadside Assistance 

*55 on your cell for Missouri Hwy Patrol

*47 on your cell for Kansas Hwy Patrol

*KTA (582) while on the Kansas Turnpike


Road or Weather Conditions

Missouri traveler map MODot 1.800.222.6400

In Kansas call 511 or www.KanDrive.org

National Weather Service – 816.540.6021, www.nws.noaa.gov


KCMO Police – 816.234.5070

KCMO Fire Department – 816.784.9200


KCK Police – 913.596.3000

KCK Fire Department – 913.573.5550

Travel & Weather

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