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Kansas City, Missouri Film Development Program

Rebate Incentive - KCMO Film Development Program

Information about the local incentive program offered by the City of Kansas City, Missouri 

Kansas City became the first and only city in America to offer a local incentive in a state that does not offer its own state incentive. Since that day the KC Film Office, along with the Kansas City Office of Culture and Creative Services worked to ensure the entire incentive process, from initial application to rewarding the rebate, is a smooth successful one.


First come, first considered basis; as funds are available

  • Annual Cap $75,000 | KCMO fiscal year April 30, 2016 to May 1, 2017
  • No per-project cap
  • Rebate: Tier One 3.5%, Tier Two 7%, two optional bonuses at 0.25% each
  • Application Fee: $50.00

ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY Before applying to the KCMO Film Development Program, consider whether your project is eligible.

The following types of productions do NOT qualify for the Program:

  • News or current events programming
  • Talk shows
  • Sports event or sports programs
  • Gala presentation or award shows
  • Infomercials or any productions that directly solicit funds
  • Political ads
  • Projects that are considered obscene (ratings above “R” or “TV-MA”)

Further eligibility information and program details are found in the Overall Instructions document.

Rebate Program Paperwork 

Please click the links below to download official paperwork. PDF files will open in a new browser tab or window and can be downloaded once opened.


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