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Requirements to be Listed in the KC Crew & Support Production Guide

The Kansas City crew list is a resource of experienced and qualified professionals available to work on productions filmed in the Greater Kansas City area. The KC Film Office does not serve as an employment or referral agency but does serve as a resource to production staff when hiring qualified local crew. There is no fee to be listed. 


  1. A Greater KC address and phone where you can be contacted. This could be your own residence or a relative who lives in the Greater KC area. 
  2. Verifiable production experience. Credits and experience is verified by KC Film Office to ensure accuracy of information. IMDB is an acceptable method of verification as well as call sheets, crew lists or pay stubs. We may contact you for one of these items. 
  3. Do not combine listings. If you are listing yourself as an individual crew member, but you also have a company, please make a separate listing for your company. 
  4. Please be aware that your listing may be searchable via internet search engines. 
  5. Registration may time out so please be prepared to complete the process when you begin.
  6. Changes and new registrations are not published publicly until the Film Office reviews and approves them. Please allow 24 business hours before contacting the office regarding pending registration or updates.
  7. Start your registration or Login (existing accounts). (Page will open in a new window or tab.)

Crew & Support Services Production Guide

*This directory is a reference and no endorsements are implied. An effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listings. All information has been supplied by the participants who have registered their listing.

If you or your business are a resident of MO, you will auto-populate into the Missouri Film Office Production Guide.

IMPORTANT: Any KC crew/company who has previously registered in the Missouri Film Office production guide before March 2015 is already populated in the KC guide. You will now use the KC guide to login/update your listing using the same username and password created when you registered in the Missouri production guide.

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